Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct – What’s coming and what isn’t?

Banjo Kazooie Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the impending Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct. The Direct is a matter of hours away and we thought we would provide the information we have been told to hopefully clear things up. Our anonymous tipster has provided us with some important details.

The Nintendo community is a particularly passionate community and speculation runs wild. According to our tipster, there was a real leak over a month ago but has not specified exactly which one it was. It seems likely other rumours have been spread on purpose to apparently spread confusion and muddle it between the real leaks. We stress this is not 100% confirmed, but the situation does ring true with recent events and the source did provide supporting details.

Super Smash Bros Characters

This subject has split the community, with many leaks spreading over the past 5 weeks. Allegedly leaked characters have included but not limited to Incineroar, Minecraft Steve, Ken, Dixie Kong, Geno, Vault Boy, Shadow, Mach Rider, Ms. Pacman, Octoling, Waluigi, Isaac and Black Knight.

Characters which won’t be coming

According to our tipster, these characters will not be included in the game on release.

  • Banjo
  • Minecraft Steve

Update: Incineroar has infact been shown as a character coming to Smash!

We may update this list if and when we receive more information. We did receive 3 other names which wouldn’t be included but have decided not to release these as they were less confident.

The same tipster has stated the N64 Classic will be announced after the Super Smash Bros Direct. With the reveal just a matter of hours away we do not have to wait long. Be sure to follow us on our Gaming INTEL Twitter to stay up to date as we do update articles when we hear more.

It’s important to note, this information is not officially confirmed but is very likely to turn out to be true.


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