What Must Happen for Pokemon Nintendo Switch to be Successful

Nintendo Switch Pokemon RPG

Pokemon for Nintendo Switch is a guaranteed success. There are many ways Game Freak could make it not only a success, but a major success. I’m here to tell you what they need to do to make this game a guaranteed system seller.

Holiday 2018 Release

Let’s start with the obvious. Releasing a game in the holidays, before Christmas, is the smartest thing to do. Nintendo tends to release Pokemon games a few weeks before black Friday. I think they will do this same release formula with Pokemon Switch. The Nintendo Switch will most likely be 50 dollars off this Black Friday. If you buy a switch, why not buy a copy of the brand new Pokemon game as well?


There was heavy innovation in the Pokemon series with the release of Sun and Moon. These innovations sparked positive reactions within the community. Pokemon fans are not afraid of innovation. I imagine that game freak will have major innovation in Pokemon Switch. I think the most brave change for them to do would be to change the battle system. Personally, I wouldn’t mind this at all. I would actually encourage game freak to make a huge change like that.

Marketing GaloreĀ 

I imagine Nintendo will have heavy marketing for this Pokemon title. There will be billboards in Japan advertising this game, commercials, and posters outside of your local GameStop! Nintendo needs to advertise this as a huge console exclusive and let the main stream know what’s up! Also, if there are 2 versions of this game, like previous Pokemon titles, it’ll be double the success.

You can catch Nintendo’s E3 June 12 at 12 pm EST, in which will most likely feature more information on the upcoming Pokemon Game.


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