RPG Pokemon Switch Gen 8 Seems CONFIRMED After Nintendo Magazine

RPG Pokemon Switch Gen 8 CONFIRMED After Nintendo Magazine?

A new Nintendo Magazine has now launched, in which features some very interesting statements regarding Pokemon Switch Gen. The magazine states “the canonical Pokémon will take the leap to a table with it’s eighth generation.” With that said, it looks as if Nintendo’s upcoming RPG Pokemon Switch Game will be generation 8.

Original Quote – Nintendo Magazine (Translated From Spanish)

“After a lifetime associated with portable consoles, the canonical Pokémon will take the leap to a table with its eighth generation. Game Freak and the Pokémon company are rethinking the saga to surprise with new mechanics, either in 2018 or later.”

RPG Pokemon Switch Gen 8 CONFIRMED After Nintendo Magazine

Credit to @Raqueruu on twitter for sharing this.

So what Gen is Pokémon Switch?

As you can tell from this quote, Pokémon switch will be in generation 8. This puts to rest all the speculation about Pokémon switch potentially being a remake. However, that is unless Game Freak wants to open the generation with a remake, which has never been done before.

When will Pokémon switch be fully revealed?

We can only guess that the reveal is close. Game freak likes to announce their games in their own Pokémon directs, so maybe we could expect an upcoming direct from Game Freak. I personally think a reveal before E3 is likely. We’ll see what the future holds for us though. According to apparent industry insider Pixelpar, the reveal may be right around the corner. It should also be noted that according to Pixelpar the project codename for Pokémon Switch is Project Beluga.

When will Pokémon Switch come out?

According to numerous rumours, Pokémon Switch is coming out in 2018 or later. I feel as if the game is definitely coming out in 2018. As for an exact release date, most Pokémon games come out 2 weeks before black Friday. Although, nothing has been confirmed so we are still left in the dark.

What else can we get out of this quote?

From this quote we can determine that there will be brand new major mechanics to this game. There were a lot of changed to Pokémon Sun and Moon, and from what I saw the community reacted positive to those changes. I personally hope that with Pokémon Switch gems return. I’m also hoping that Pokémon follow will be back with this game as well.

Nintendo’s E3 presentation date has not been announced yet, but when it does we will let you know. You can catch it sometime between June 12-14. If a Pokémon direct gets announced we will report on that right away. Stay tuned folks!


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