RUMOR: Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex, Including Eeveelutions Leaked

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex, Including Eeveelutions Leaked

Trainers, a new rumor has surfaced online. It appears as though the Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex has been potentially leaked, following a new post on a Japenese forum.

Pokemon Sword and Shield were first announced on February 27th, earlier this year. While the unexpected reveal of the titles has been widely acclaimed by many, some others have remained resistant to the upcoming games.

Prior to proceeding any further, we stress that this is just a rumor, a dubious one to say the least. We advise all fans to remain highly sceptical until Game Freak confirm anything themselves.

Pokemon Sword and Shield National Dex

Pokemon Sword Shield Pokedex Leaked

Prior to this leak, many believed that 100 Pokemon would be introduced to the Generation 8 Pokedex. There appears to be a few more on the horizon, however.

With the exception of Meltan and Melmetal, the suppose leak includes 131 all-new Pokemon.

Starter Evolutions

To date, the only Pokemon which have been officially confirmed are the starters; Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble.

The evolutions of these are supposedly respectively detailed in the list above as Chimpongo, Moltare and Fearliz.


A major aspect of this rumor is which Pokemon Eevee will evolve into in the upcoming generation. According to the rumor, the upcoming eeveelutions in Pokemon Sword and Shield will be a ground-type called Quakeon and a steel-type named Titaneon.

Pokemon Direct

Whether this is legitimate or not, we’ll most likely find during the new Pokemon Direct on June 5 at 3pm BST.

The entire Pokedex most likely won’t get revealed. Game Freak probably will go into detail about the highly speculative Eevee and Starter evolutions, however.

While it won’t be enough to confirm the entirety of this rumor, it likely will be enough to provide it with at least some legitimacy – on the basis Quakeon and Titaneon, in addition to Chimpongo, Moltare and Fearliz are the correct names.




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