Rumor: Next Pokemon Direct May Be Coming August 31, 2019

Pokemon Direct Nintendo Switch

Game Freak recently unveiled the release date, in addition to a host of other details about Pokemon Sword and Shield. Although the latest Pokemon Direct surfaced merely a few days ago, it appears as though another one could be horizon – sooner than you may expect.

A new Pokemon Direct appears to be scheduled for the end of August 2019, courtesy of a new finding from Twitter user @ActualAero. As pointed out by the fan, the protagonist of the first Sword and Shield debut video is wearing a shirt with 227 printed on the back of it. While a Direct aired on 27th February, this was seemingly somewhat of a tease.

Pokemon Direct - Shirt Number 227

Now, the user has discovered that in the Pokemon Direct which broadcasted on June 5th, the main character had a shirt with number 65. Most interestingly, this lines up as the same date as the Direct (6.5.19).

Pokemon Direct - Shirt Number 65

Further to this, the latest livestream has showcased Gym Leader Milo as arguably the protagonist. Featured on Milo’s back is number 831. Based on previous occurrences, this appears to have a much deeper meaning. While previous shirt numbers have teased Pokemon Direct dates, it’s highly possible 831 is referring to August 31st, 2019 – suggesting that’s when the next Direct will take place.

Pokemon Direct - 831 Number

We believe this seems a little too early since the latest Direct has only just arrived. That said, it would give Game Freak one last opportunity to showcase what’s in store prior to the games’ launch.

Game Freak, nor Nintendo have confirmed when the next Direct will be taking place. We advise fans to remain sceptical until they officially comment on the matter. Stay tuned

Pokemon Sword and Shield are scheduled to launch on November 15, 2019. Additionally, Nintendo will also be attending E3 2019 next week. A new Nintendo Direct, which will reveal an array of different titles for the system, is on the horizon.

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At this moment in time, Gaming INTEL is not sold on the prospect of Pokemon making an appearance, while a Direct has only recently aired. Stranger things have happened, however.


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