Pokemon Sword and Shield Reveal Trailer, Release Date and more

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon’s Eighth Generation Has Arrived, and with it comes a whole host of cuddly UK based critters.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Nintendo Switch

The brand new Pokemon Sword and Shield has been announced, and it takes place in the UK called the “Galar Region”. This is the 2019 Pokemon RPG game that we’ve been promised for a long time now.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Ranging from idyllic countryside vistas to craggy mountains and English villages the new mainline game will of course be released on the Nintendo switch.

The three new starter Pokemon were also announced. There’s Grookey, a curious grass type Monkey Pokemon. Scorbunny, a flaming hot fire type that looks like a rabbit, and finally the water-lizard Pokemon Sobble, which was described as timid. No doubt there will be many other new Pokemon to discover in the Galar region in the future.

Details were frankly a little light on the ground, but from what we could see the game seems to be using the same engine that was used in Pokemon Lets Go, giving a similar level of graphical fidelity to those previous Pokemon Switch titles.

It seems that Pokemon Sword and Shield will be retreating from their decision to ditch gyms in Pokemon Sun and Moon, returning to the tried and tested formula from older Pokemon Games, which is sure to get long term fans of the series excited.

While that may be the case, the director of the game also promised that Gamefreak were trying out plenty of new things to create the best Pokemon game yet, while preserving what makes Pokemon special.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

We weren’t given many looks at the new Pokemon that are going to be offered up later in the year, though there was a quick glimpse of what could be the next legendary Pokemon on the side of a large hill part way through the Direct.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Map

The map is known as the Galar Region, “which is filled with idyllic countryside and contemporary cities—vast plains and snow-covered mountains”. From the images shown thus far, the map looks large and would take a considerable amount of time to go from end to end. Methods of transport throughout the map are so far unknown, however we did spot a moving train and previous games have allowed players to ride on the Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Map

Pokemon Sword and Shield Release Date

The games will be released together, later in 2019. We expect this to be towards the end of the year.

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield Reveal Trailer


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