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Pokemon Quest Features & Release Date

Pokemon Quest is the latest addition to be announced as part of the Pokemon family. With now decades of success, the Pokemon franchise as a whole entices and captures the affection of all ages. Game Freak, the Japanese video game developers, has been operating since 1989. Across this almost 30 year period, they have helped develop Pokemon titles along with Nintendo, Sony and Sega to name just a few publishers. Ever since the Gameboy classics in the late 90’s fans have been hooked onto exploring and capturing many different pokemon.

Release Date

The Pokemon Quest game is available initially for the Nintendo Switch and can be downloaded as we speak. Some players have posted online that they cannot find Pokemon Quest on Switch’s eShop, but this can be rectified by simply manually searching for “pokemon Quest” in the stores’ search bar. Also, fear not if you do not yet own a Switch, as the game will soon be coming to mobile devices. The date for this release is estimated to be around Late June, but this is yet to be confirmed. Through multiple sources and reports, it seems though that the Pokemon community will not have to wait much longer than a month. Upon this release, the game will be fully available on both Android and iOS platforms and can be found either on Apples App Store or via Androids Google Play Store.

This release was a sudden surprise and is a welcome treat to entertain fans throughout the buildup for Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee both due to release November 16th, 2018.

Features and Gameplay in Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest is unique visually due to the its “voxel-styled” world, characters and Pokemon. This cuboid art style was popularised by Minecraft and Roblox. The distinct style also helps to create a more child-friendly graphics style, which needs less processing power to render and display images/objects, thus optimising and increasing performance. Rumours further support that Pokemon Quest is the reason why the popular Minecraft mod Pixelmon was removed, due to the similarities in gameplay and art style.

The main game is a free to play RPG (Role Play Game). But similarly to most “free to play” games, there are in-game micro-transactions. Players are able to travel this world known as TumbleCube and set up a base to attract other pokemon to an area. This setup base can also be used to edit teams and current pokemon you have to form teams of up to 3 Pokemon.

Pokemon Quest Team

Progression within Pokemon Quest is achieved through combat, defeating other Pokemon, finding treasure, expanding your base and collecting resources and rare items. But the main goal for players within Pokemon Quest is centred around the search for Power Stones. Once these have been acquired, they can be applied to your Pokemon which is a key way to help improve fundamental stats. Dependant on the type of power stone used, players can see an increase in either attack, speed, defence and strength, which determines its defensive/offensive capabilities.

Daily Quests and Pokemon Quest Extras

Every day that you sign in, you will be granted unique rewards/items. A lot of games promote this feature in order to encourage daily activity and gameplay. Daily activity within Pokemon Quest is key due to the need of items and PM Tickets (the in-game currency) during combat or to purchase upgrades from the in-game PokeMart. Also, each day that you Play, there will be an array of unique and exciting adventures and quests. These can vary in difficulty but it is advised that you aim to complete these daily for maximum rewards.

Pokemon Quest map

By combining quests, challenges and combatting/befriending other pokemon, you will quickly see your team and pokemon grow. Progress in this manner to the point where they can evolve and help you to become the true great Pokemon Master you always wanted to be.

Pokemon Quest pikachu


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