Pokemon ‘Ultra Shiny’ Could Potentially Be the Name of the Upcoming Switch RPG Title

Pokemon Ultra Shiny Switch RPG Title

New information suggests that the new Pokemon Switch RPG game will be named Pokemon Ultra Shiny. With the news of the release date for Pokemon Switch coming at last year’s E3 event, we can expect to have more updates from E3 2018. However, we have come across new information that might keep you going until then.

Pokemon Ultra Shiny Switch

Forbes are reporting that Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures have filed for a few new trademarks. One of those being the phrase ‘Ultra Shiny’. Those companies are collectively known as the The Pokemon Company, so we can only assume that Pokemon Ultra Shiny is the title for the upcoming Pokemon Switch game.

If that is the case, the name trend would follow on from the previous Pokemon Games. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon were both released on the 3DS in November 2017. While this would make sense, some are saying that the phrase could be the title of a new trading card set… or could it be both?

Trading Cards for Pokemon Switch

At the same time that the Pokemon Ultra Shiny trademark was filed, another patent was also applied for. Express described this as being an interactive trading card design. According to the reports, the trading cards will communicate with the Nintendo Switch. Depending on what happens in-game, the appearance of the cards will be changeable, too.

The cards will show a character image on top of a customisable background. These customisations are apparently based on what happens in the game. Also, the patent file suggests that the interactive trading cards are designed to be used in collaboration with a Pokemon Game. With the trademark of Pokemon Ultra Shiny being submitted at around the same time – could there be a connection here?

The description for the trading cards suggests that you acquire these cards by catching the Pokemon’s yourself. The player would then train them up and watch them evolve on your trading card. Could this be like a Pokemon Go meets trading cards meets traditional Pokemon Game?

If so, Nintendo would be taking massive steps forward for the Pokemon games and trading cards. With the Nintendo Switch’s ability to be a portable console as well as a docked one, the possibilities here are endless. The Switch has already proved to be insanely popular. Add that to the timeless popularity of the trading cards and you have one huge venture on your hands.

We only have a couple more weeks until E3 2018. Do you think Pokemon Ultra Shiny will be the next game revealed for Nintendo Switch? What do you think about the interactive trading cards? Let us know!


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