Pokémon Nintendo Switch Project Codename Is out There, It Just Hasn’t Been Found Yet

Pokémon Nintendo Switch Project Codename

2017 was a big year for Nintendo, from the release of the switch and Zelda Breath of the Wild to E3 in June which gave us our first taste of a new core RPG Pokémon game being released. Sadly, since that announcement we have been kept a bit in the dark other than knowing it will be coming sometime this year or later. Yesterday, an industry insider had revealed further information regarding the Pokémon Nintendo Switch Project Codename, apparently it’s out there and just hasn’t been found out yet by many.

With a new game for one of the worlds largest and most beloved franchises, you can assume there will be rumors and speculations galore, some of which talk about new regions, battle system, the name, and much more.

An industry insider by the name of Pixelpar seems to know something we don’t about the Pokemon Switch Codename. He mentions, “The project codename for Pokémon Switch is hidden somewhere in my timeline.” With him having quite the reputation for getting leaks correct, this shows that more intel regarding Nintendo Switch Pokemon is available, but just hasn’t been spotted yet.

Pokémon Switch Remake?

Pokemon Nintendo Switch Leaked Image

In an image released by PokeJungle in March 2018 it seems to tease at a Kanto remake, which would bring us back to the days of Fire Red and Leaf Green (maybe a remaster all together?).
The above image, even though it’s blurry, you can make out a trainer riding a Lapras through what looks like Route 21.

Pokémon Stars – a spin-off of Sun and Moon?

Widespread speculation has lead to the idea that the new Pokémon game coming to the Switch is going to be Pokémon Stars, a spin-off of Sun and Moon. It would take a similar route to what Gamefreak did with Pokémon Blue and Red.

It is also said that Pokémon Stars will include key locations, and a similar storyline to Sun and Moon, but at a much higher resolution offering more assets and HD gameplay.

What the people want

With all games it’s no secret people want certain things added in or taken out, sequels mainly. With the new Pokémon game coming for the first time to a brand new platform people have some big ideas, some popular and some not so much.

New battle system – One of the largest rumors I see on both Pokémon Reddit and Switch Reddit is the idea of a new battle system, each varying in its own including the come back of Z-Moves.

Better Audio – Something that has personally always gotten to me is the sound Pokémon make in the games, trust me I love the nightmare fuel screams as much as the next guy, but is it so much to ask that they at least sound the same as the shows?

Amiibo support – it has been rumored by an unknown source that the new Pokémon Switch game will have amiibo support which not be far off with the switch lineup so far just about every game (first party) can use an amiibo one way or another.


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