Pokenchi to Air an Exclusive Pokemon Let’s Go! Trailer on September 16, 2018

Pokemon Let's Go Trailer

The Japanese variety show, Pokenchi, will air an exclusive Pokemon Let’s Go! Trailer on Sunday 16th September. The show has already been instrumental in revealing aspects of the game this week.

Exclusive Pokemon Let’s Go! Trailer

The Game Freak director, Junichi Masuda has previously been on the show this week to unveil some features of the games. According to serebii.net, features such as Pokemon moves were displayed on Pokenchi this week.

During the episode Masuda previewed Pikachu appearing to use a new water move called ‘Splash Surf’ against a Geodude. It also showed Eevee using a new fire move called Flare Burn.

It has been confirmed that on the next episode, airing September 16th, there will be an exclusive Pokemon Let’s Go! trailer. As we have already been shown aspects of battles, what could the new trailer show us?

A lot of fans of the games have suggested that we might see the 808th Pokemon be revealed during this trailer. On the other hand, some fans think that we could see a ‘re-reveal’ of sorts for Mega Pokemon. A re-reveal as such as newer fans would not realise that Mega Pokemon exist, which would make it exciting for them.

Regardless, a new Pokemon seems to be the popular theory for this reveal.

Pokemon News

Fans are confused at this reveal as many had assumed that we would get a Pokemon Let’s Go! update on the Nintendo Direct that was scheduled for this week. Whilst this still may happen, the Direct has been pushed back due to a large-scale earthquake that occurred in Japan.

As such, many fans have speculated that the Pokenchi feature might ‘spoil’ whatever news we could’ve expected to see during the 35 minute Direct presentation. However, we can’t really complain as Let’s Go! content is still content, regardless of where it came from!

With only two months until the games release, we’re excited to see what could be revealed during the Pokenchi episode.


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