Pokemon Affiliate Company ‘Creatures Inc.’ Show off Walking / Running Pikachu Model

Pokemon Affiliate Company 'Creatures Inc.' Show off Walking / Running Pikachu Model

Creatures Inc, a Japanese video game development company who have developed both Super Smash Bros and Pokemon spin-off games in the past, have recently updated their website with a new animated model of the Pokemon mascot Pikachu.

Most recently Creatures Inc have worked on games such as Detective Pikachu for the Nintendo 3DS in 2016 and the Pokedex apps for both the 3DS and iOS devices.

The model in question is displayed front and centre via a video that serves as the background for the entire Creatures website. The video starts off with a loose blob of dots in the vague form of a Pikachu walking, before then turning into a sort of line art along the dots and then briefly into a full high-quality model. The Pikachu then goes down on all fours and begins to run, flickering through the bones that make up the model, the line art and the dots once again. The Pikachu stands up on its hind legs one last time, becomes a full model again, and waves to the viewer.

Creatures Homepage Pokemon Animation
Screenshot of Creatures INC homepage

Creatures last Pokemon game released in 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS, but this new background was uploaded within the last three days, which implies that Creatures may be working on something brand new for the Pokemon franchise.

Not only do Creatures develop Pokemon games, they often assist Game Freak in the modelling of Pokemon for the mainline Pokemon games, though the last time the company engaged in this work was for Pokemon X and Y in 2013. Though with the next Pokemon RPG coming to Switch, a first for the franchise, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Game Freak would have employed help to get everything looking nice and shiny in time for release.

In 1999 Creatures also worked alongside HAL on the very first Super Smash Bros. game in the capacity of Pokemon Modeling once again. It is unlikely that after almost 20 years of absence Creatures would return to work on the Super Smash Bros franchise, but it is possible.

It is also important to note that on the 19th of May Junichi Masuda was sited at the Pokemon Company’s headquarters, which many have taken to mean that some filming for a certain Pokemon Direct may have taken place.

With E3 just around the corner, and with the knowledge that a Pokemon game is currently being worked on for the Switch, it could be very possible that this change to the Creatures website indicates an announcement is incredibly close.


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