LEAK: Gyms returning to Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Let's Go Gyms - Pokemon Switch Gyms Leak

One of the biggest topics in the gaming industry right now is Pokemon on Nintendo Switch. Other than a few leaks, Nintendo has kept details well sealed from the outside world. However, an insider who wishes to stay anonymous has exclusively provided Gaming INTEL with some information regarding the upcoming game.

Pokemon Let’s Go Switch News – Gyms Confirmed

The tip we received reads:

“It’s not safe to reveal too much yet, but I can tell you the game includes Gyms. This is something they know will be popular. I can try to give you more details soon”.

This may seem obvious given the previous leaks, however this is the first time gyms have been confirmed by a reliable source. If anything this supports previous leaks.

We’ve received more information but have been told not to publish it yet. Usually we are cautious on these type of tips, but another insider who has been reliable in the past has told us this is accurate but would not reveal more information. The source also corroborated details with other information the tipster revealed, which we haven’t published yet.

What are Pokemon Gyms?

The details of Gyms for Pokemon Switch are so far unknown, but a hint we received suggest they could play a big role in the game. In core series games, Pokemon trainers use gyms to train their Pokemon. They can be used to build strength, gain experience and sharpen battle skills.

In Pokemon Go players would battle at Gyms against opposing players to defeat all the Pokemon and claim the Gym as their own.

With the new Pokemon landing page by Nintendo and other rumors we’ve heard, we expect the reveal to be soon. Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee & Pikachu are set to be released in late 2018. As soon as we hear more credible information we’ll be updating it in our Nintendo News section.


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