Here’s Why Pokemon Let’s GO Could Be Revealed on May 29th

Pokemon Let's GO Pikachu & Eevee - Pokemon Direct Switch

The reveal of Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu and Let’s GO Eevee could be right around the corner, with insiders and fans alike expecting a reveal on the 29th of May. Please note the thumbnail includes concept art from a creation on Unreal Engine from Twitter user @CryZENx.

Pokemon let’s GO Pikachu and Let’s GO Eevee are now all but confirmed to be the next game, with trademarks being registered and insiders claiming that the names are legitimate.

Even more evidence stacking up in favour of Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee came from the Pokekalos twitter account, who had uncovered that new designs for Eevee had been recorded in China, and they showed highly detailed 3D renders of the character.

The idea for Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu and Let’s GO Eevee being revealed on the 29th was first rumoured after Junichi Masuda posted an image to his Twitter back on May 19th. It showed his Pokemon GO account with an Eevee partner Pokemon and an egg with the timer down to 5 minutes and 29 seconds… or the 29th of May.

Considering that’s a pretty tinfoil hat theory we should probably put some more believable information on the table as well. First of all, there’s the industry insider Emily Rogers, who has leaked and been right about numerous games in the past. She seems to believe that the next Pokemon game will be revealed this month, and that is something she has backed up relatively recently.

Perhaps the final nail in the coffin comes from the Official Project Eevee twitter account. They posted an image of a trainer with an Eevee, and claimed that we should prepare for tomorrow.

This would be a pretty unusual way for Nintendo to tease an upcoming announcement. Usually, the company teases a direct a day or two before the direct itself with a post on Twitter, but this would be done with the official Nintendo Twitter account and not anything else.

It is also perhaps unlikely that Nintendo would announce anything on such a major American holiday such as Memorial Day, lending more credence to the theory that the game will be revealed on the 29th of May.

Masuda was recently at the Pokemon Company HQ, so it is likely that a Pokemon Direct was filmed, and if we don’t see it this month like Emily Rogers expects, we’ll almost definitely see it at E3 next month.


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