Shiny Rayquaza coming to Pokémon Go – LEAK

Shiny Rayquaza Pokemon Go

In addition to the announcement of an all-new mainstream Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch earlier on, it appears Pokémon Go Trainers are in for an even bigger treat with an exclusive leak which Gaming INTEL has received.

UPDATE: This has since been confirmed as a non-shiny Rayquaza coming to Pokemon Go. Although our information was close to be absolutely correct, our source believes this was changed shortly before the announcement.

Shiny Rayquaza in Pokémon Go Leaked

Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information via an anonymous source who claims Shiny Rayquaza will be coming very soon to Pokémon Go.

It’s worth taking note that this particular tipster has been right on all previous occasions with leaks.

Nearly all players will be aware of Niantic hosting a special Raid Event each month. For February, it was Latias. Now, for March, with the exclusive information Gaming INTEL has been privileged enough to receive, it will be Shiny Rayquaza!

Shiny Rayquaza Pokémon Go Release Date

Alongside information suggesting Shiny Rayquaza is coming to Pokemon Go, our exclusive source also provided intel regarding the release date. They claim Rayquaza will be making its debut from March 15 to March 18, 2019.

Following suit from previous months, trainers will be able to get 5 free passes to raid Rayquaza.

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Announcement via Niantic Expected Very Soon

Our exclusive sources also provided an array of other details, in particular, intel regarding when it’ll be announced.

An announcement via Niantic is imminent. The Pokemon Go developers are expected to reveal it within the next 48 hours, although that is not confirmed.

Typically, Niantic reveals upcoming additions to the game at 9 PM UK time.

Rayquaza Pokémon Go Stats

In the Augmented Reality mobile game, Rayquaza has a host of abilities and excellent stats. Rayquaza has the following movesets:

Quick Moves:

  • Dragon Tail
  • Air Slash Charge Moves Aerial Ace Ancient Power Outrage

Charge Moves:

  • Aerial Ace
  • Ancient Power
  • Outrage

Furthermore, the atmospheric beast is a part of Weather trio with Groudon and Kyogre. Shiny Groudon and Kyogre are already released in Pokémon Go, thus a Shiny edition of Rayquaza doesn’t come as the biggest of surprises.

Rayquaza is boosted by windy weather and has Raid Boss CP of 49808, 2191 CP at Level 20, and 2739 CP at Level 25.


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