Deoxys Defense Form Ex Raid Boss coming to Pokemon Go (LEAK)

Pokemon Go Defensive Form Deoxys

Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information regarding a new form of Deoxys coming to Pokemon Go. The leaked information states Deoxys Defense Form will be coming as an exclusive Raid Boss in Pokemon Go. So far only MewTwo and two other forms of Deoxys have been in Ex Raids.

UPDATE: 9 days after our initial leak. Deoxys Defense Forme has been confirmed to be arriving to Pokemon Go beginning 25th March 2019.

Deoxys Pokemon Go

Deoxys is a mythical psychic type Pokemon from the Hoenn region, which came in the gen 3 releases. It has only been available for capture when defeated as a Raid Boss during an Ex Raid Battle, but this is the first time the defensive form will be available. There are four forms of Deoxys but only two have been previously available in Pokemon Go.

Deoxys Released Forms:

  • Normal Form – 2749 CP, 345 Attack, 115 Defense & 100 Stamina
  • Attack Form – 2254 CP, 414 Attack, 46 Defense & 100 Stamina

Deoxys Unreleased Forms:

  • Defense Form – 1978 CP, 144 Attack, 330 Defense & 100 Stamina
  • Speed Form – 2504 CP, 230 Attack, 218 Defense & 100 Stamina

Deoxys Defense Form possible moves

Fast Attacks

  • Counter – 12 (13)
  • Zen Headbutt – 12 (11)

Charged Attacks

  • Psycho Boost – 70 (18)
  • Rock Slide – 80 (30)
  • Zap Cannon – 140 (38)

Deoxys Defense Form Release Date

The leaker states the new form will be coming in less than 3 weeks:

“Defensive Form of Deoxys will release as an Exclusive Raid Boss on 23rd March.”

The leaker also states that this information will be officially confirmed soon.

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Deoxys Ex Raid Boss

This particular leak states Deoxys Defensive Form is coming in an exclusive raid. An Ex Raid battle is invite only. Trainers must have an Ex Raid Pass which is rewarded based on your participation in raids in your area throughout the last week.

You can increase your chance using the following methods:

  • Increasing Gym badge level
  • Participate in more raids 7 days before the initiation wave

As always, we stress this isn’t officially confirmed. However this has been a reliable source for us and has been absolutely correct on many other leaks beforehand.


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