Lots of accounts suspended in Pokemon Go Ban Wave March 2019

Pokemon Go Banned

Gaming INTEL has received reports that Niantic are targeting ‘spoofers’ on the Pokemon Go app. Spoofing on Pokemon Go allows players to artificially change their GPS coordinates to either teleport to any given location or use a ‘joystick’ to move around without physically moving.

Recent Pokemon Go Ban Wave

The sudden spike in ban reports originated from players using two particular third-party Pokemon Go spoofing applications. These application were the PokeGo++ and iTools app.

These bans were not limited to any particular location or device. Example warning messages players received:

Account Suspension Notice (30 days)

Your account has been suspended for violating the Terms of Service. This suspension will last approximately 30 days. Any further transgressions will results in permanent account termination.

Warning Notice (7 days)

We have detected activity on your account that indicates you are using modified client software or unauthorised third-party software in violation of our terms of service. This is the first strike against your account. It will last for approximately 7 more days. We strongly encourage you to stop this activity. Any further transgressions will results in an account suspension.

How long does a ban last for in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go bans vary from account to account, based on the violation which has been detected. Generally players will get 3 chances before a permanent ban.

  • 1st Strike – 7 days. Players may be excluded from encountering rare Pokemon in the wild and may be excluded from receiving new Ex Raid passes.
  • 2nd Strike – 30 days suspension. Players will be suspended from playing the game for 30 days with a suspension message on login.
  • 3rd Strike – Permanent Ban. Players who have already had two warnings may receive a permanent ban.

How to appeal Pokemon Go Ban

Bans can be appealed directly though the Niantic appeal form. Bare in mind, Niantic will not necessarily discuss the reason or way the ban was detected, this is to protect their internal mechanisms to spot cheating.

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Why do Pokemon Go players cheat or spoof

After talking to several Pokemon Go ‘spoofers’, Gaming INTEL have been given an insight into why players spoof and the reasons they believe it should not be a violation.

  • Only 6 countries had PokeStop submission portal access.
  • One spoofer only had 5 PokeStop’s and 2 gyms in a 30 km radius around them.

The argument is that firstly players are not necessarily in direct competition with each other and also many players lack the necessary PokeStops and Gym’s nearby to play properly, compared to players in a big city.

It is clear Niantic are doing their best to crackdown on this. Pokemon Go still generates a very large amount of revenue and they will be doing their best to protect the integrity of the game. Reply to us with your thoughts on this, who’s side are you on?


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