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Pokemon Go is developed by Niantic for Android and iOS devices. This game was made with collaboration of Niantic and Nintendo. There are amazing features in the game, it uses mobile GPS to locate, battle and train virtual creatures named Pokemon which appears in the game to provide real-world location. This game is free to play and it got mixed reviews from critics. Go through our articles and Explore your view for the game.

Pokemon Go Shiny Alakazam Leak Special Raid Event Boss

Shiny Alakazam Special Raid Event coming to Pokemon Go LEAKED

UPDATE - April 6th at 9 PM UK: Our source has provided Gaming INTEL with additional details regarding this Pokemon Go leak. While we still stand...
Pokemon Go Banned

Lots of accounts suspended in Pokemon Go Ban Wave March 2019

Gaming INTEL has received reports that Niantic are targeting 'spoofers' on the Pokemon Go app. Spoofing on Pokemon Go allows players to artificially change...
Pokemon Go Equinox Event Leak

Pokemon Go Equinox Event for March 2019 LEAKED

UPDATE - March 15th 10 PM UK: This leak has now been proven correct with an official announcement via Niantic. This now marks the...
Pokemon Go Defensive Form Deoxys

Deoxys Defense Form Ex Raid Boss coming to Pokemon Go (LEAK)

Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information regarding a new form of Deoxys coming to Pokemon Go. The leaked information states Deoxys Defense Form will be...
Shiny Rayquaza Pokemon Go

Shiny Rayquaza coming to Pokémon Go – LEAK

In addition to the announcement of an all-new mainstream Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch earlier on, it appears Pokémon Go Trainers are in for...
Pokemon Go To Be Updated With Alolan Pokemon!

Pokemon Go To Be Updated With Alolan Pokemon!

For many, the days of Pokemon Go are long forgotten but Niantic is hoping that a new update will bring players flooding back over...

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