Pokemon 2019 Press Conference Breakdown – Detective Pikachu 2 Switch, Pokemon Sleep & More

Pokemon Detective Pikachu Nintendo Switch

Earlier this week, The Pokemon Company took to Twitter to announce an all-new Pokemon press conference. The event has just aired, so here’s a major breakdown as to what the Pokemon 2019 Press Conference just revealed.

The event managed to pull in over an astonishing 100,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch alone, other the amount of concurrent viewers on other platforms are yet to be confirmed. We expect Youtube won’t be too far off that number, however.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at today’s announcements courtesy of the Pokemon 2019 press conference.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu 2 for Nintendo Switch

Earlier this month, The Pokemon Company released one of their first Hollywood movies for the public to see. Since its release, Detective Pikachu has been widely acclaimed from fans.

To kick off today’s show, prior to any other major announcements, Nintendo confirmed that  Pokemon Detective Pikachu is scheduled to arrive on Nintendo Switch. While the title released on 3DS, it will be a sequel.

More in-depth details as to what the game will deliver have been kept under wraps at this moment in time. For now, the mere information we do, in fact, understand is that it will feature a different conclusion than the movie.

There has been no official word as to when the game will arrive on Switch, nor have Nintendo confirmed when that’ll be discussed. It’s possible for further details to arise at E3 2019. Yet, once again, that isn’t confirmed.

New Pokémon Center

In addition to the announcement of Detective Pikachu on Switch, a new Pokemon Center was unveiled. This will open in Shibuya, Japan in Autumn of 2019.

Pokemon Quest China Reconfirmed

During last year’s press conference, which took place at around roughly the same time as today’s, Pokémon Quest was announced as an all-new game coming to Switch and then on Mobile.

In a recent announcement, Pokemon Quest China has been reconfirmed. The title will be a slightly different version of the previous game featuring PvP and Social systems. It has been brought into China by NetEase.

Pokémon Home Announced for Switch & Mobile

One of the announcements which really did take the community by storm was the reveal of Pokemon Home, releasing early 2020 on Nintendo Switch and Mobile.

Pokemon Home

This allows games like Let’s Go, Sword & Shield, Pokémon Bank and Pokémon GO to be connected together. Players will also have the ability to trade with their friends.

Pokémon Sleep App Coming to Mobile

The Tokyo based company have announced Pokemon Sleep in a bid to make sleeping a fun and enjoyable experience. Yes, we know it sounds crazy.

Apparently, the app will rack a user’s time sleeping and will then be implemented in-game in some way, shape, or form. All of which is in an attempt to add to the gameplay experience.

Pokemon Sleep

The app will release in 2020, an exact ETA is unknown for now.

Pokémon GO Plus +

Nintendo has witnessed its fair share of these type of products in the past. Despite that, they took to the event today to announce an all-new Pokemon Go Plus.

Why may this be useful, you may ask? It can be used as a Pokémon GO Plus for Pokémon GO, for one. It also works in Pokémon Sleep when you decide to put it on the bed to discover information about how long you sleep for.

Pokemon Go Snorlax Event

Pokemon Go fans also received their fair share of information, albeit this certainly doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Pokemon Go Snorlax Event

Players will be able to encounter a fallen over Snorlax, which has the move Yawn, in order to promote this new development.

Pokémon Masters Mobile Game

Last, but not least.

They finished off the event with an announcement of a new mobile game called ‘Pokémon Masters’. This will feature an array of different masters of the world.

Pokemon Masters

Which announcement has caught your eye? Let us know in the comments


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