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The latest Nintendo news and leaks from our exclusive inside sources for our passionate Nintendo followers. Daily Nintendo Switch news covering the latest releases and upcoming games.

Our dedicated Pokemon news category covering all recent releases and the upcoming Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu title due for release in late 2018.

This is one of the most passionate and well covered topics in gaming and with our sources are providing community leading intel. Don’t forget to check back daily and follow us on Twitter as we’re keeping coverage 24/7.

RUMOR: Nintendo Switch RPG to Be Called 'Pokemon Let's Go!' - Eevee & Pikachu

RUMOR: Nintendo Switch RPG could Be Called ‘Pokemon Let’s Go!’ – Eevee & Pikachu

New rumors have appeared online naming 'Pokemon Let's Go!' as the new Nintendo Switch game. These rumors have been circulated around 4chan, so we're...
Pokemon Ultra Shiny Switch RPG Title

Pokemon ‘Ultra Shiny’ Could Potentially Be the Name of the Upcoming Switch RPG Title

New information suggests that the new Pokemon Switch RPG game will be named Pokemon Ultra Shiny. With the news of the release date for Pokemon Switch...
Nintendo Labo Easter Egg - Light Saber

Nintendo Labo Easter Egg – Turn Joy Cons into Lightsabers

A Nintendo Labo Easter egg has been found by Reddit user Redidididodidot. This Easter egg turns the Joy Cons into lightsabers. Find out exactly...
Nintendo Switch Pokemon RPG

What Must Happen for Pokemon Nintendo Switch to be Successful

Pokemon for Nintendo Switch is a guaranteed success. There are many ways Game Freak could make it not only a success, but a major...
Panic Button New Game

Panic Button Preparing to Announce New Game, According To Studio Head

The studio behind the Nintendo Switch ports of Rocket League, Doom, and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus are preparing to announce a new game,...
Nintendo e3 2018 Schedule

Nintendo E3 2018 Schedule – Press Conference Times, LiveStreams & More

E3 2018 is just around the corner. Numerous Gaming companies are beginning to reveal their plans, and what we can expect from them. Nintendo's...
RUMOR: Fortnite Switch Reveal Potentially Coming at E3 2018

RUMOR: Fortnite Switch Reveal Potentially Coming at E3 2018

We've just heard that Nintendo will possibly reveal Fortnite Switch very soon. With E3 coming in the next few weeks, members of the gaming...

RPG Pókemon Switch Reveal Could Be This Week at Investor Meeting

The new RPG Pókemon Switch title that is currently in development could be revealed this week at Nintendo's investor meeting, as per a tweet...
Nintendo E3 2018 - Super Smash Bros, Pokemon RPG

Nintendo E3 2018 – Super Smash Bros, Pokemon RPG & More (What To Expect)

With Nintendo's E3 event less than 2 months away, speculation has already started about what the gaming giant has in store for fans. Nintendo...
Nintendo Switch Paladins

Nintendo Switch Paladins Version – Will It Take Place?

One type of genre the Nintendo Switch is missing are hero shooters. With a recent data mine from a new Paladins update, we may...
Call of Duty Battle Royale Nintendo Switch

RUMOR: Call of Duty ‘Battle Royale’ Coming to Nintendo Switch

We have just received exclusive intel from a tipster suggesting the Battle Royale version of Call of Duty is coming to Nintendo Switch. This...

Top 5 NEW Must Have Super Smash Bros Features in 2018

Super Smash Bros comes out this year to the Nintendo Switch. Here are 5 MUST HAVE features the game needs. Super Smash Bros Story Mode Smash...
Pokémon Nintendo Switch Release Date

Pokémon Nintendo Switch Release Date ‘Should Be Ready for Nov / Dec’

Fans all around the globe have been waiting for the release of a Pokémon game on the Switch in 2018. Pokémon Ultra Sun and...
Nintendo Switch Virtual Console

Nintendo Switch Virtual Console – Will It Ever Happen?

The switch has been out for 13 months, yet we still don't have virtual console. Many people assumed that Nintendo was waiting to release...
RPG Pokemon Switch Gen 8 CONFIRMED After Nintendo Magazine?

RPG Pokemon Switch Gen 8 Seems CONFIRMED After Nintendo Magazine

A new Nintendo Magazine has now launched, in which features some very interesting statements regarding Pokemon Switch Gen. The magazine states "the canonical Pokémon...
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