Gaming INTEL’s New Leaking Process


Over the past 24 hours, we have been reviewing our internal procedures regarding posting speculation and leaks. We understand that our readers are passionate about games and can get very excited or frustrated over speculation and leaks.

As a website leaking information which hasn’t been officially confirmed, we take it very seriously. It’s firstly important readers aren’t misled or baited into clicks and also extremely important we can be transparent on our full history of leaks and speculation.

Improving Our Gaming Leaks

In light of recent events, we are improving and evolving our protocol. We have designed a new system to display on every leak we post, including leaks already posted on our website. The system will list the status of each leak whether it be pending, true, partially true or false. This will be updated retrospectively when official announcements are hit or missed. It will also clearly list additional information about each leak so we can be as transparent as possible.

Many tipsters want to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, but we will give each anonymous tipster a unique name so it clearly shows their historical record.

Example of Pending Leak


Example of True Leak


Example of Partially True Leak

Partially True Leak Checker

Example of False Leak

False Leak Checker

These designs will be implemented into our system on Monday 15th April, 2019. This will also lead to an archive page of leaks which can be clearly filtered between pending, true, partially true and false.

Why are we doing this?

We do have genuine inside sources in multiple gaming topics. It’s important we provide as much transparency as we can in a culture of ‘fake news’. This new system clearly tracks the accuracy on all the leaks we post, with full transparency. It will also prove to the community, despite our mistakes we do often get leaks correct and are the first in the industry to cover them.

Why can leaks turn out to be false, despite confidence?

There are several reasons for this, each unique to their own situation. Leaks can never be guaranteed for various reasons:

  • We have been informed and shown evidence from several sources that companies change their schedule and even change the information they release once a leak has gone viral. This is relatively uncommon and nothing significant in a game will change, but details and announcements have been retrospectively changed on a number of occasions.
  • Our sources get it wrong. This could be because a source has misheard information or been purposely misled, also at times a source may have dated information which has changed since.
  • Unreliable source making up credible sounding information and faking evidence. We have a team doing our best to cross-check all leaks we receive and judge leakers on their history with us. However, every leaker has to start somewhere. We hear reliable tips out and do our best to fact check. If we use any untested source, this will always be listed in any given article.

We would like to apologise to anyone who got their hopes up on the recent Nintendo Direct leak, this was false and we are investigating how, whilst refining our process. Once our new system is implemented this will be clearly listed in the published article, as per our new leak designs. We are constantly striving to improve as a team and refine our processes for the better.

The leaks archive will also clearly show the leaks we get correct, unfortunately in this community it happens to be that false leaks are highlighted far more than correct leaks. However, we want to evolve for the benefit of our audience, we will own our mistakes and continue to strive to be a better quality source of leaks and news. Our main goal moving forward is to increase the trust of our readers and provide genuine, first in the industry leaks.

The Gaming INTEL team


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