Nintendo 64 [N64] Mini Classic Target Ad Leaked via Google


Here at Gaming INTEL we have stumbled across a potential leaked ad from Target regarding the N64 Classic Edition. There was a similar ad found from previous users over the last few days, however this new ad was found on Tuesday November 6th at 18:50. Previous reports suggested the ad was taken down and we have new information based on the query and the actual output on the ad.

N64 Classic Target Ad

Now, we’re not getting too excited because Google does have functionality in Adwords to dynamically fill an ad based on the search query. Stores often do this to gain cheap traffic on buzz terms which could be related to products on their store. However, it is important to explain exactly what we searched and exactly what came up and note that we had not recently visited or searched anything on their website.

Search Query on N64 Classic

Ad result (with screenshot below):
Nintendo 64 mini classic : Target‎
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N64 Nintendo 64 Classic Mini Ad Leaked via Google

As you can see, the ad is different to the search term. It is not an exact ‘fill’ of N64 Classic and must have had some manual entry somewhere. This is very interesting given the timing of this ad. Holiday sales are coming and we previously received a very strong leak suggesting a 2nd Nintendo Direct coming in November 2018.

We also received a leak earlier this month (albeit from an untested source) suggesting the N64 Classic Announcement is coming very soon, so far we haven’t heard anything directly from Nintendo but this does still seem a strong possibility and is further supported by the leaked ads. There have been various rumours stating the N64 Classic console will have between 20 and 30 games and many sources have suggested games including Banjo Kazooie.

Whether this is a genuine ad for an upcoming product or the marketing team just finding opportunistic key terms to get on using dynamic ads, we are unsure. This is however a very interesting update to add to the rest of the information we have received so far. We are in touch with our Nintendo sources for both the Direct information and N64 Classic Mini information. Be sure to follow us on our Gaming INTEL Twitter and turn on notifications so you don’t miss a thing. We will also be updating this article if we hear anything further on this topic.


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