RUMOUR – N64 Classic Edition Coming Soon


Here at Gaming INTEL we have received some leaked information from another anonymous tipster about information on the N64 Classic Edition. Although this particular tipster has never been tested before by us, we do however believe this information to be true and our other insiders have had no reason to repute it.

UPDATE 16th November, 2018 (00:24AM PT): Although we believe the N64 Classic will eventually be released, we now no longer consider this particular source as trustworthy (as stated before, this was an untested source). The information given to us no longer adds up with our other industry insiders, thus we do not believe the announcement is ‘imminent’. Our other reliable insiders have been digging and it appears the ‘leaked’ information no longer adds up. Although we cannot definitely say when or if the N64 Classic will be released, at very least it now appears to be further away than first thought.

UPDATE 1st November, 2018 (11:30AM PT): The source has stated the announcement will be coming later this month. Although this is disappointing as it was stated for November 1st originally, it does make more sense to us and this is one of the scenario’s we theorised to begin with (as seen in the following paragraph). The fact a very reliable source has stated there will be 2 Directs in November makes it more likely that it will be announced in the 2nd Direct. We stress this is an untested source but we still have a good chance of this happening.

Those who haven’t been watching closely, we have now provided correct dates for the last 3 Nintendo Direct’s before they were announced along with other correct information and leaks.

N64 Classic Announcement After Super SmashBros Direct

The original tip we received states “The N64 Classic Edition is going to be shown after the smash announcements”. Now, this could mean one of two things…. either it will be shown at the end of the Super SmashBros Direct on November 1st, 2018 or it will be shown in a separate Direct later in the month of November.

We would have been more sure on the first, but we do already have another leak from another very reliable source stating there will be two Nintendo Directs in November 2018. If we don’t see this on November 1st, expect it later in the month. We are in contact with others to get exact information on this so stay tuned.

Let’s not forget the Direct on November 1st will be followed by a post-show Nintendo Treehouse: Live presentation which could reveal some very interesting details.

N64 Classic Edition Release Date

We do not have the exact release date, however it must be said we are due for a release of the N64 Classic Edition. Let’s take a look at the previous announcement dates and release dates for the 2 previous consoles.

NES Classic – Announced on July 14 2016, released on November 10/11 2016.

SNES Classic – Announced on June 26 2017, released September 29/30 2017.

N64 Classic – Announced on (Predicted November 2018), Released in December 2018.

As we can see, there was generally a few of months between the announcement and the release date and we are overdue for an N64 Classic announcement.

Don’t be surprised if we see the N64 Classic release date sooner after the announcement this time, Nintendo will be eager to get sales in ready for the holidays and know this will be a particularly popular classic console.

N64 Classic Games List

We do not have a complete list of games yet, however in the same leak we did receive some tips on games that will feature. It will include rare games and have 30 games overall with 5 names stated:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Super Mario 64
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
  • Puyo Puyo Sun 64 (But may not be on all versions, could be just JP)
  • Banjo-Kazooie
  • At least 25 more games.

We stress this is a potential leak and not officially confirmed yet. Luckily we won’t have to wait long to find out. We are in contact with several insiders and cross checking this information and searching for more, we may update this article with more information if and when we receive it.

Follow us on our Gaming INTEL Twitter for all updates, this is a fluid situation so stay tuned.


  1. i played almost all of these games. except the ones with low graphic art like f-zero, mario kart, castlevania, metroid etc. contra had low graphic but very enjoyable with co-op.
    earthbound, ff should be top5.
    idk how many times i’ve replayed crono trigger and earthworm jim. others mostly 75%.


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