LEAK – 2nd Nintendo Direct coming in November 2018

Nintendo Direct November Leak

Nintendo fans should be excited to hear that we have another leak supporting our original claim of 2 Nintendo Directs coming in November 2018. Since our original Nintendo Direct post we have so far been proved right correctly leaking the announcement time which turned out to be the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct. Since then there has been a lot of confusion surrounding the leaked 2nd Direct, incoming before November ends.

UPDATE 28th November (17:16 PT): Unfortunately we can reveal the ‘2nd Nintendo Direct’ of November was in fact the Nintendo Live 2018. This was very misleading and our source has apologised. We’ve leaked many Nintendo Direct’s correctly before but this wasn’t to be. Apologies on this, but we will update you when we receive more information on the next Direct.

We have been in touch with our source to clear any doubts and speculation on it supposedly not happening, so here’s our chance to update you. This post is as important as any other Nintendo Direct leak due to some fans being adamant on contradictory predictions saying another won’t happen this month. It’s important to note we have correctly leaked the last 3 Directs with more and more followers witnessing this each time.

Why another Nintendo Direct is coming in November

A lot of fans have doubted a 2nd Direct is coming due to the comments of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai. At the beginning of the last Direct on November 1st he stated “This is the final Direct before the launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”.

According to our source this was strictly aimed at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and not Nintendo in general, the source also went on to say “I am 100% positive that there will be another direct this month”. This is a very reliable source and has been absolutely correct as a primary source many, many times before.

When could the 2nd Nintendo Direct take place?

We are unsure of the exact date, something which we are trying to confirm as fast as we can. However, there were whispers of a November 8th Direct, although we cannot confirm this. Our source went on to state “I am 100% confident about another direct in November. I am NOT 100% confident on the date of November 8th. Given the recent YouTube leak, it does seem feasible that a November 8th Nintendo direct could take place, but I am not 100% sure”.

If November 8th was shaping up as the next Direct, we would certainly hear about it very soon; certainly within the next 48 hours. It would also tie in with an initial leak of a Direct occurring between the 5th and 12th of November. However, we are strictly stating right now that we are very confident of another Direct this month but November 8th is just speculation thus far.

It is important to note this is a leak and isn’t officially confirmed, although we hold a lot of confidence in this particular source. We are communicating with our sources closely and will be relaying any leaks on our Gaming INTEL Twitter and updating this article as soon as we hear anything more.



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