Game Developers & Content Creators Unite to Produce Unofficial Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct Unofficial

An array of different game developers, fans and content creators have partnered together in Brazil in a bid to produce a completely unofficial Nintendo Direct livestream tomorrow.

The presentation is scheduled to take place tomorrow at 8pm BRT, 4pm PT, 7pm EST and midnight in the UK. It will air for 20 minutes and primarily showcase indie games from game developers such as Mad Mimic, Behold, Chucklefish, Matt Makes Games, JoyMasher, QUByte Interactive and Aquiris.


As per the description, the event will feature 25 national games available for Nintendo Switch, in addition to some other surprises.

The unofficial Nintendo Direct was created by popular YouTuber Rodrigo Coelho, with an abundance of help from other members of the industry. The event was produced in an attempt for Nintendo to acknowledge the fact that Nintendo games are becoming increasingly popular in Brazil. With an influx of requests and support, the Big N can help increase the number of games being translated into Portuguese and continue to expand the enormous game developer presence in the country.

In addition to petitions, the determined community are requesting fans to support the movement by tweeting #NindiesBR and #WeWantNintendo.

Although we don’t expect the event to be anywhere near the same scale as official Nintendo Direct livestreams, we do expect it to be somewhat intriguing. While there won’t be any multi-million dollar budget titles revealed, the event will promote and unveil a host of new Indie games.

Irrespective of what the event will entail, it’s excellent to see developers, fans and content creators striving together to promote something they are all so passionate about. We’ve no doubt this unofficial Nintendo Direct will revolutionise Nintendo’s focus in Brazil.

How to Watch Unofficial Nintendo Direct

The presentation will be showcased on their website. Thankfully, there will be subtitles in nine languages (including English), so everyone can tune into the event.


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