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How to View Your Nintendo Year in Review 2022

Nintendo has jumped aboard the yearly wrap-up scene with its own Nintendo Year in Review. This review showcases a Nintendo player’s statistics for all of 2022.

Wrap-ups are a popular way for people to see just how often they played certain games and what their favorite genres were.

Here is how you access your Nintendo 2022 Year in Review and see what your highlights for the year were!

How Do I Find My Nintendo Year in Review 2022?

To view your Nintendo 2022 Year in Review, you must head to the official website and log in using your Nintendo Account details.

  • Head to your web browser of choice.
  • Go to the official Nintendo Year in Review website.
  • Choose “Get Started.”
  • Login into your Nintendo account.
  • Scroll through the feed and see your highlights for the year.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a list of your most played titles this year and an even deeper breakdown that displays which title you played the most every month of the year, and hours played.

Stats are calculated for the period between 1 January 2022 and 30 November 2022.

Nintendo Year In Review 2022(1)

Players can also view their most played genres in a neat pie chart. Although to be eligible, you’ll need to have played on a Nintendo platform for at least 10 hours.

What is Nintendo Year in Review?

Nintendo Year in Review is a yearly round-up of your gameplay on all the Nintendo platforms tied to your account.

This year in review allows you to see what your gaming habits were on Nintendo and how many hours you spent playing some of your favorite games.

It’s a practice that is common in the entertainment business. Other platforms that do this include Spotify, Apple Music, and even Netflix.

PlayStation also has its own yearly review titled PlayStation Wrap-Up. This wrap-up features the how many hours you’ve played on your console, your most played games and genres, and it also shows you how many different games you played in the year.

Xbox has yet to announce a similar service, but it may just be a matter of time, considering it’s the only major console without one.

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