Nintendo has confirmed that information about its upcoming console, thought to be the Switch 2, will be released gradually.

In case you missed it, Nintendo has finally confirmed that it’ll unveil its next console within the next year. This information came in a new post on X (formerly Twitter) written by Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa.

Other than this, the only thing we know about this console so far is that it’ll be the “next model” of the Switch”.

Fortunately, we now know what to expect from Nintendo regarding details about the console. Although, it looks like fans will have to wait a while to get the full rundown!

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Nintendo President Confirmes Switch 2 Info Will Drop in Phases

In a recent investor call, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa shared a rough outline of what to expect from reveals about its next-gen console, thought to be the Switch 2. He said:

“As with previous announcements of new hardware, we will continue to release information in phases leading up to launch.”

While this doesn’t give away much, we expect that Nintendo will share more about its next console in similar phases to the original Switch.

Nintendo first confirmed that it was making the Switch in early 2016, before unveiling it in a trailer in October. Finally, a presentation in January 2017 shared more details about the Switch a couple of months before it was released.

If Nintendo follows this rough schedule for releasing details about its next hardware, it would line up with both our predicted Switch 2 reveal date as well as the leaked March 2025 Switch 2 release date.

Therefore, we could certainly see this announcement pattern being repeated for Nintendo’s next console.

Stay tuned for more information about Nintendo’s upcoming hardware in the coming months. A trailer for it will surely drop before the end of the year!

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