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Nintendo Switch Pro Will Replace Original Console, New Report Indicates

A new report suggests that Nintendo could be ending production of the Nintendo Switch; replacing it with the Switch Pro.

While nobody outside of Nintendo has seen a Switch Pro, its existence isn’t a secret anymore. We may not even know its final name but we know the console is real.

The fact that Nintendo is working on a successor or upgrade to the Switch is beyond reasonable doubt now. Regardless of what Nintendo says to play down the rumors, the evidence is stacking.

One source even claims that Nintendo is “working without stopping” on the next-gen Switch device.

Last week we reported the rumor that the Switch Pro could enter production as early as this summer.

Another leak suggested that the console will have exclusive games, which won’t be available on earlier models.

Nintendo Switch Pro : 2 Concept Featured Image

Let’s not forget, Nintendo has done this before. After the release of the 'New Nintendo 3DS', games like Xenoblade Chronicles were only playable on that device and not older models.

Although we imagine such a move would annoy many Switch owners. Especially if it happened to games like Zelda Breath of The Wild 2 or the recently announced Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Further leaks have explored the possibility of the Switch Pro being 4K compatible. Yet, it appears that this may only apply to the console when docked.

Nintendo Switch Pro to Replace All Existing Models?

The latest rumor suggests that Nvidia could soon stop producing their Tegra X1 SoC, the chip that powers the console. This chip model also powers Nvidia Shield, but the Switch is by far the biggest user.

This suggests that Nintendo has no further need of the Tegra X1 and may now be turning their attention to something more powerful.

This, in turn, suggests they could be retiring the original Switch model and replacing it with something new going forward.

If correct, this would mean that Nintendo will quietly discontinue the existing models of Nintendo Switch. Replacing them with the Switch Pro by late 2021 heading into 2022.

We’re surprised if we’re being honest. While we fully expect the Switch Pro to replace the original and updated vanilla Switch models, not so much the Switch Lite.

nintendo switch

The Switch Lite has its own audience and has proved to be a very popular device. Ending Tegra X1 production would also end the Switch Lite.

We expected the Switch Lite to continue to exist alongside the Switch Pro. The latter simply being the latest model in the ‘Nintendo Switch Family.’

This still may be the case, or Nintendo could be planning an update for the Switch Lite as well. Or the Switch Pro may find a way to blend both consoles, becoming a successor/upgrade to both.

We’ll have to wait and see. As with any rumors, take them with a pinch of salt until verified by Nintendo.

But what is for sure is that whatever the Switch Pro ends up being called or looking like, be under no illusions; it’s coming.

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Splatoon 3 was the game that closed out the show. But we also got confirmation of a HD Zelda Skyward Sword remake.

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