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Nintendo Switch Pro Popular Concepts & Rumored Specs

With a possible Nintendo Switch Pro reveal coming soon, here are some of the rumored specs and most popular concepts.

The original Nintendo Switch was released over five years ago. So it’s no surprise that there have been rumors about a new Nintendo Switch Pro system being announced this year.

But what would a Nintendo Switch Pro look like?

Here we’ve put together a few of the more popular Nintendo Switch Pro concepts and uncovered some of the rumored specs as well.

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Nintendo Switch OLED

These are some of the most popular Nintendo Switch Pro Concepts that we found.

These concepts paint a nice picture of what a potential Nintendo Switch Pro could look like. For now, the Nintendo Switch Pro is still just a rumor.

But with the reveal of the Nintendo Switch OLED Splaton 3 Edition, new rumors have surfaced that point to an announcement later this year.

Here are a few of the best Nintendo Switch Pro concepts.

TheToyZone: The Foldable Switch – Nintendo Switch Pro Concept

This Nintendo Switch Pro concept is sleek and reveals what it would look like if Nintendo chose to honor one of its most prolific systems ever.

The concept resembles the original Nintendo DS design but implements a modern feel to it.

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Computer Bild: Nintendo Switch Pro / Nintendo Switch XL Concept

This Nintendo Switch Pro concept chooses to expand on the Nintendo Switch dock by allowing players to experience games in 4K. This concept by Computer Bild also allows players to dock up to four games at once.

Allowing players with cartridges to quickly switch between games.

If that wasn’t enough, the concept also includes a Nintendo Switch XL, which increases the screen size of the Nintendo Switch Pro by 21%.

Reddit User OlivierRaymond: Nintendo Switch UP – Nintendo Switch Pro Concept

This Nintendo Switch Pro concept by Reddit user Olivier Raymond is probably the most realistic design on this list.

It’s thinner than the original Nintendo Switch but increases the sign of the screen by 25%. It’s made to be more comfortable in your hands and to be easier to dock.

This concept also includes 64 GB of storage with an SD slot, so it can be easily increased.

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Nintendo Switch Pro Rumored Specs

Despite the Nintendo Switch Pro not being officially revealed, there are rumors about its potential specs.

A Nintendo April leak suggested a Nintendo Switch Pro announcement would be coming later this year. Many were wary of believing the source, but they’ve become more credible after correctly predicting a recent Nintendo announcement.

There are no official details about its specs, but it has been rumored to support 4K output and 60 FPS for most games.

Here are a few more rumored Nintendo Switch Pro system specs:

  • 7 in OLED display
  • 4K tv output
  • 60 FPS
  • Storage Upgrade
  • Ram Boost
  • Backward compatible

But this is all speculation at this point. It’ll be interesting to see how accurate the leaks are once Nintendo does decide to announce their upcoming console.

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