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Official Nintendo Switch Pro Name Possibly Revealed

A reliable leaker may have revealed the official Nintendo Switch Pro name in their latest datamining activity.

At this point, it’s undeniable that Nintendo is planning some form of hardware refresh for the Nintendo Switch. Analysts expect we could see the new console as early as Holiday 2021.

Nintendo themselves backed up these claims, ironically while they were trying to pour cold water on them. They said that they are currently focused on existing hardware “for the foreseeable future” which could be interpreted in a number of ways.

And many people think Holiday 2021 is still far enough away to not be considered “foreseeable”. Nintendo can play coy all they want; the fact is evidence of their activities has leaked in a number of ways.

It’s been leaked by multiple sources that Nintendo are planning some form of 4K compatibility for the Switch Pro. They’ve also held discussions with manufactures of mini-OLED screens – giving us an insight into their plans.

While the story about Nintendo approaching mini 4K screen producers broke several months ago, it was recently corroborated by reliable dataminer SciresM.

But now he’s revealed something else.

Nintendo Switch Name Pro Name Leaked?

SciresM on ResetEra forums, has now revealed that the Nintendo Switch Pro name is Aula. This is what Nintendo are calling the console behind closed doors.

If this is just a code name like ‘Project Scarlett’ or ‘NX ‘remains to be seen. Or it could actually be the official Nintendo Switch Pro name.

Some other details may give us an insight. For example, the console is expected to feature a new dock which enables 4K connectivity to the TV. This would allow it to offer 4K in docked and undocked mode – something that would be quite an impressive feat.

Previously, it was suspected that the Switch Pro may be a portable only console, offering 4K gameplay on the go only. But the leak suggests that the Aula, if this is indeed the Nintendo Switch Pro name, is much more than a hardware refresh – but essentially Switch 2.

Nintendo Aula – What Does the New Name Suggest?

There’s currently no word on if the Nintendo Aula will keep the name Switch, calling itself the Nintendo Switch Aula. Or if it will simply be called the Nintendo Aula.

Dropping the ‘Switch’ would suggest this is more than just a hardware refresh. While it may keep the fundamental premise of the Nintendo Switch, a new name indicates that it’s a successor rather than an upgrade.  – Think PS4 to PS5 rather than PS4 to PS4 Pro.

While this would be an excellent way for Nintendo to come smashing into the next-gen picture, is abandoning the Switch brand so soon wise? Afterall, the Switch has been a roaring success for Nintendo – and continues to be.

A simple 4K upgrade could be all the Nintendo Switch needs, but a brand-new system is a risky strategy. Nintendo don’t always get their branding right, as the commercial failure of the Wii U demonstrates.

Still, take these rumors with a pinch of salt until we hear some official word from Nintendo. While this particular leaker has been reliable in the past, there’s never a guarantee.

A next gen system does open up some interesting possibilities for Nintendo’s biggest franchises though. It certainly increases the likelihood of a more open world Pokemon.

Let’s not forget another leak suggest a new Mario Game is coming soon. Then there’s everything we know about Zelda Breath of The Wild 2.

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