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Nintendo Switch Pro May Utilize Mini LED Screen For Portable 4K Gaming

Once the hype surrounding the PS5 and Xbox Series X subsides, the next big story could be the Switch Pro. We know Nintendo is cooking something up behind the scenes, but the Japanese gaming giant has remained tight-lipped so far.

Although nuggets of information have slowly leaked as Nintendo approach third-party companies or patent intriguing new designs.

For example, reports from summer state that Nintendo reached out to developers and advised them to “make their games 4K ready”. Suggesting that any upgrade to the Switch would feature 4K gaming either on through a TV or in portable mode.

Nintendo Switch Pro : 2 Concept Featured Image

The Switch Pro (which is just a working title) is unlikely to take on the PS5 and Xbox Series X directly. When it comes to power and 4K visuals, making it a three-horse race wouldn’t be a wise move.

Instead, we expect Nintendo to compete indirectly. Like they’ve done with the past few console generations. Opting for design and innovation over power and graphical prowess.

The Enduring Appeal Of The Nintendo Switch

The Switch's main strength is its portability. So expect this to continue to be the case with the Nintendo Switch Pro.

While compatibility with 4K TVs would be a real feather in the Switch Pro’s cap; the real selling point would be 4K gaming on the go.

This is already something high-end gaming laptops offer, so it’s entirely feasible. But it’s also the next logical step in the evolution of the Switch Pro.

As well as something neither Sony nor Microsoft offer.

Nintendo Switch Console

A recent report suggests that this is precisely what Nintendo is planning too.

According to the Economic Daily News in Taiwan; Nintendo is working with electronics company Innolux to produce a mini-LED screen for the next iteration of the Nintendo Switch.

This can only be for one reason; portable 4K gaming. Of course, this is just a rumor, and Nintendo has not confirmed or denied it. But it seems entirely plausible to us.

Nintendo is likely biding their time before they reveal anything official about the Nintendo Switch Pro. After all, this winter belongs to the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Chances are, Nintendo have already settled on a proper name and design by this point. As well as the all important changes in functionality and new features.

But come 2021, once the hype surrounding next-gen has eased, Nintendo will likely show their hand.

In other news, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said Microsoft is open to bringing Xbox Game Pass to the Nintendo Switch Pro