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Nintendo Switch Pro Display Could Be OLED, According To Leak

New details have emerged regarding Nintendo’s rumored console. New information could suggest that the Nintendo Switch Pro display will feature OLED technology.

There is more and more information surfacing regarding the Nintendo Switch Pro, a recent leak has shown a potential release date for the console.

If you’re excited about the Nintendo Switch Pro, it could be closer than you expect, and more powerful too.

There is new information to suggest that the Nintendo Switch Pro will have an all-new powerful built-in display and improved performance.

Nintendo Switch Pro Display

It might be the case that Nintendo’s new console could output at 4K Ultra HD and have an improved battery performance and display.

These details have emerged from SciresM, a well-known data-miner who has managed to uncover hidden information inside Nintendo’s latest firmware.

SciresM’s findings suggest that there is a reference to the Nintendo Switch Pro, codenamed “Aura”.

However, it is often the case that a product’s official name is disguised prior to release.

According to SciresM’s findings, it is likely that the display will feature OLED technology.

OLED technology improves color saturation and improves the quality of black levels.

Perhaps less importantly, OLED technology also gives better viewing angles and uses less power.

Nintendo Switch Pro Display
Nintendo Switch Pro Coming Soon?

Interestingly, with the recent Nintendo Leak which revealed major switch titles coming in 2021, these games could look fantastic on an OLED display.

Switch Pro – Improved Performance

The Nintendo Switch Pro could potentially feature improved performance. According to this leaked information, the new console should have substantially better battery life and cooling.

Interestingly enough, this has been a problem throughout the Nintendo Switch’s lifespan. If this information is correct, it should alleviate some concerns.

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According to new information, the device will share similarities to the Switch Lite and second-generation Switch, released in 2019.

These consoles both utilize the Tegra X1+ chipset. However, the inclusion of the “RealTek” chip will allow for 4K UHD support, turning the Nintendo Switch Pro into a powerful console.

Gamers are hopeful that the Nintendo Switch Pro will be revealed or even launch later this year

The new console will emerge at some point soon, with information becoming more frequent.

Furthermore, some experts have provided insight into the likelihood of the Switch Pro coming in 2021.

In addition, with the problems people have experienced in getting hold of next-gen consoles, It would certainly be a good time for Nintendo to launch their own.

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