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Nintendo Switch Pro Leak on Amazon Mexico Website

Has this leak just confirmed the Nintendo Switch Pro announcement will be soon?

The Switch has been an overwhelming success for Nintendo, but it is getting a bit old now, having come out back in 2017. Therefore, it makes sense that Nintendo would release an upgraded version of the Switch in the near future.

There have been plenty of rumors about a potential ‘Switch Pro’ for a while now, but this Amazon listing could finally confirm that the much-anticipated console could be officially revealed soon.

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Nintendo Switch Pro New Model Reveal Before E3

Nintendo Switch Pro Amazon Listing

There have been huge leaks revealing that the Nintendo Switch Pro could be revealed in the next couple of days. However, a new Amazon listing has made this information look a lot more credible.

One eagle-eyed customer spotted an item listed on Amazon Mexico called a “New Nintendo Switch Pro”. It even had the brand listed as Nintendo and the platform listed as Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, there were no images or information in the listing. However, this is still good news for Nintendo fans.

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Switch Pro Reveal Soon?

Despite there being a huge worldwide console parts shortage, this leak likely hints that a Switch Pro reveal could be soon.

Even just having a listing appear on Amazon’s website is a pretty good indication that the product will be announced soon. A similar thing happened with the Spyro Reignited Trilogy – an empty Amazon listing for it was added and then the game was announced the very next day.

Players will definitely want to get their hands on the upgraded console too, as rumors suggest that Pokemon Legends: Arceus will get a big upgrade on Switch Pro.

While this supposed leak doesn’t confirm anything – even the name ‘New Nintendo Switch Pro’ seems like a placeholder – it could indicate that a big announcement will be coming in the next few days. And with E3 just around the corner, what better time to do it?

Also, some major Nintendo E3 announcements have also leaked early.

Meanwhile, the release dates for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl and Legends: Arceus have been announced.

Also, no wonder Nintendo fans are so excited for an upgraded Switch. Leaks reveal that the Switch Pro will feature 4K and DLSS support.

Finally, while Nintendo is known for its huge franchises like Mario and Zelda, the company is trying to expand. Nintendo will focus on creating new game series in the future.

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