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Nintendo Switch Pro Will Have Exclusive Games, Leaker Reveals

It looks like the recent leak of the Nintendo Switch Pro will also bring exclusive games to the mix, meaning an upgrade will be necessary for many fans.

In case you missed it, the Nintendo Switch Pro appears all but confirmed, following a brand-new leak. What’s more, the powerful new device is reportedly coming this year.

Fans have been waiting for a Switch Pro for well over a year, as the flagship Nintendo device is struggling to keep up in the next-gen market. Of course, Nintendo has never been about the best graphics or performance, instead focussing on core gameplay.

nintendo switch
(Source: Nintendo)

Despite Nintendo assuring fans that a new Nintendo Switch won’t be announced soon, a leak is telling us otherwise.

With a 4K Nintendo Switch Pro beginning production in Summer, the device will finally live up to its full potential.

Here’s everything we know about the Nintendo Switch Pro!

But new reports indicate that the Nintendo Switch Pro will actually have exclusive games that set it apart from the standard Switch.

Nintendo Switch Pro Exclusive Games Won’t Run on Standard Switch

If a new leaker is to believed, certain Nintendo Switch Pro exclusive games won’t be able to run on the standard Switch variant.

This would give fans an incentive to grab the hardware upgrade at launch, so as not to miss out on Nintendo’s new releases.

The insider information comes from notable leaker NateDrake on ResetEra. The user reveals that the Nintendo Switch Pro will in-fact, have exclusive games – although not all titles will be restricted.

“There will be some select exclusives, especially from third-party partners. May not be a big number of them, but I know of at least one.”

breath of the wild 2 nintendo switch pro
(Source: Nintendo)

It looks like the new Switch Pro exclusivity could be only for particular titles. This is very much like what happened with the 3DS line-up.

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Titles such as Fire Emblem Warriors, Xenoblade Chronicles, Minecraft and more were all exclusive to the New 3DS systems. Perhaps the Nintendo Switch Pro’s extra functionality will make it a must for certain new titles in particular.

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However, there are sure to be many Nintendo Switch games that will play on old and new devices. We’d wager that exclusives will be far less common, especially at launch.

Splatoon 3 Nintendo Switch
(Source: Nintendo)

But we can see some upset if the leaked Splatoon 3 release date was made exclusive to Switch Pro users. Or if it turns out that Breath of the Wild 2 won’t run on a standard Nintendo Switch, fans would lose their minds.

Of course, it’d lead to a lot of sales for Nintendo. And we’ve always speculated that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 is the Switch Pro’s primary launch title.

We’ll likely have to wait until the next Nintendo Direct to find out more about the Switch Pro and its exclusive games.

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