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Nintendo Switch Pro Details Revealed In Latest 12.0 Firmware Update

The latest 12.0 firmware update for the Nintendo Switch may have revealed new Nintendo Switch Pro details. The new information comes from data-mining findings which seem to correlate with earlier leaked information.

A while ago we reported on new details regarding the Nintendo Switch Pro. Whilst there are some rumors circulating that the Switch Pro could arrive in 2021, the heavily rumored console is still a mystery to fans.

Nintendo Switch Pro Details
(Source: Nintendo)

Interestingly, new details have emerged in the latest firmware update which hints at the capabilities of the Switch Pro. References to the console have been found in the files for the latest update.

Players will want to keep their eyes on the rumored console, considering one leaker suggests the Switch Pro will have exclusive games. Here are all the new details regarding the rumored console, including how powerful it might be.

Switch Pro Details Found In 12.0 Firmware Update

The latest firmware update for the Switch contains references to the Nintendo Switch Pro console. Interestingly, eager fans have been able to glean new information about the console. One data-miner by the name of OatmealDome has been able to discover important details about the Switch Pro.

For example, one data-miner has located references to the codename for the Switch Pro, the Nintendo Switch Aula. It appears that the Switch Dock has been updated to be able to upgrade the existing firmware. Essentially this is making sure the dock can communicate with the Switch Pro effectively.

Nintendo Switch Console
(Source: Nintendo)

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Furthermore, the new firmware update has referenced the new capabilities of the rumored new Switch model. For example, data-miners were able to locate this key piece of information:


(Source: OatmealDome – Twitter)

Interestingly, this line of code could be referring to the 4K capabilities of the Switch Pro. Recently we reported on the rumor that the Switch Pro would be able to support a 4K output. This new data-mined information may have actually confirmed this could be the case.

Nintendo Switch Pro
(Source: Nintendo)

Furthermore, other Switch Pro details have also hinted at an extremely powerful display. It looks as though the rumored console may be as powerful as fans have hoped for.

However, If you want to take a look at the datamined findings for yourself, take a look at OatmealDome’s Tweet to see all of the new Nintendo Switch Pro details:

(Source: Twitter)

Although Nintendo fans will have to be patient a while longer, one reliable Nintendo insider has claimed that the leaks for the Nintendo Switch Pro are true.

Finally, more Breath of the Wild 2 info is coming later this year. Nintendo fans have plenty to keep themselves busy with in the meantime.

We will continue to keep you updated regarding any new news, rumors, or updates regarding Nintendo Switch Pro details.

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