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Nintendo Switch Pro Console Could Come 2021, New Details Suggest

New details have emerged which have led some to believe that the Nintendo Switch Pro console could be coming in 2021. Rumors have been circulating regarding Nintendo’s plans for a new console.

Nintendo denies the claims that they are set to announce a new Switch variant. However, new information has revealed that the Nintendo Switch Pro console may be coming this year.

If Nintendo is keeping the Switch Pro under wraps, there is still hope for Nintendo fans. The new information comes from Samsung, regarding its plans to manufacture a specific component.

Nintendo Switch Pro – Coming 2021?

The Nintendo Switch pro console could be coming in 2021 after new details have surfaced. Although Nintendo is quiet regarding the rumored console, hints have implied that Switch Pro is entering production this summer.

Furthermore, back in January, we reported on a leak that the Switch Pro could feature an OLED display. This has been further circulated by other leaks as fans desperately try and figure out what the console will be like.

There have been rumors floating around regarding how powerful the Pro console will be. Interestingly, it appears that the OLED display leak lines up with what Samsung is manufacturing.

Nintendo Switch Pro Console
Nintendo Switch Pro – Coming 2021?

A recent announcement from Samsung has revealed their plans to produce new OLED screens. Interestingly, however, they report that the screens will be produced for use in video-game consoles.

Strikingly, this matches with our report that suggested the Switch Pro may feature a 7-inch, 720p Samsung manufactured OLED screen. It appears that this new report has confirmed the Switch Pro will have this feature.

Furthermore, rumors have suggested that the Switch Pro could have next-gen specs and 4K capabilities. An OLED display lines up perfectly with what Nintendo allegedly have planned for their console.

Carrying on from this, there are even reports that the Nintendo Switch Pro may replace the original console. If so, there will need to be a big upgrade to encourage fans to make the switch (quite literally).

Nintendo Switch Pro – Releasing This Year?

Nintendo is currently lagging behind the competition in terms of power and performance. Next-gen consoles such as the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are showing Nintendo’s need to step up their game.

However, leaks suggest that Switch Pro will feature exclusive games. It appears the original Switch may not be powerful enough to run these games, implying an upgrade is on the way.

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Interestingly, some believe that Zelda BOTW 2 may be the Switch Pro’s primary launch title. However, this does not match up with the rumor, given that we are expected to hear more BOTW 2 details later this year.

Whatever Nintendo has planned, fans can be sure that the Switch Pro is real and will be coming at some point. Nintendo will want to throw some competition into the market given the success of next-gen consoles.

Nintendo Switch Pro Display
Nintendo Switch Pro – OLED

It is believed the Switch Pro console will be primarily for FPS boosts and resolution. Fans should not expect a performance that rivals the PlayStation 5, but they can certainly expect more power than the original Switch.

Nintendo fans have plenty to be excited for. Pokemon ‘The Legend of Arceus’ will feature Breath of the Wild-style open-world gameplay. It may run even better on a new Switch variant too.

Similarly, Splatoon 3’s release date has been leaked by one online retailer. Take and look to check out exactly when you’ll be able to get your hands on the latest Splatoon installment.

We are sure Nintendo has plenty more surprises up their sleeve. For now, Nintendo fans will have to be a little more patient until the Switch Pro is inevitably revealed.

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