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Nintendo Switch Pro to Feature 4K, With New Nvidia DLSS in 2021

According to a new report, the new Nintendo Switch Pro will feature 4K resolutions, thanks to its new NVIDIA DLSS function.

The Nintendo Switch Pro is one of the most heavily-rumored consoles in gaming history. Now that the launch fo the PS5 and Xbox Series X have left the Switch feeling underpowered, Nintendo needs a way to compete with the major players.

Of course, in spite of its lower performance, the Nintendo Switch is still outselling PlayStation and Xbox month after month. However, the Japanese publisher knows that they need to stay active to stay ahead.

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(Source: Nintendo)

Now, we’re finally hearing more about the highly-anticipated Nintendo Switch Pro. The console, which is set to be an upgrade to the standard Nintendo Switch device, is rumored to feature both improved graphics and performance.

Leaks about the Nintendo Switch using 4K resolution have been surfacing for months now. And despite Nintendo still claiming that a new Switch model isn’t coming soon, a new report all but confirms the truth.

Nintendo Switch Pro Will Feature Nvidia Graphics Chip, DLSS

The Nintendo Switch Pro is all but confirmed to be coming, and it will reportedly feature a new Nvidia graphics chip making it capable of supporting DLSS.

For those out of the know, Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling is an exclusive feature that uses a special Artificial Intelligence to boost frame rates on graphically-intensive software.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, the Nintendo Switch Pro will be able to display at 4K in docked mode, while delivering high frame rates. In this way, the device will be able to compete with the PS5 and Xbox Series X with relative ease.

The new Nvidia graphics chip will also feature a better CPU and more memory, future-proofing Nintendo’s flagship console. And since DLSS support requires additional coding, the Nintendo Switch Pro will likely have exclusive games not supported by the original model.

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(Source: Nvidia)

New reports also indicate a likely release date for the Nintendo Switch Pro – and it isn’t far away!

If this new leak proves correct, the Nintendo Switch Pro will replace its predecessor completely. Those who want a new Nintendo Switch will likely have to fork out an extra $100 minimum, with a speculated $399.99 price tag in mind.

But thankfully, reports also suggest that Breath of the Wild 2 could be a Switch Pro launch title, something that’s sure to be a system seller. We also have a release date leak for Splatoon 3 for the Nintendo Switch Pro!

Here’s when we’ll hear more about Breath of the Wild 2!

(Source: Bloomberg)

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