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Nintendo Sneakily Opts Switch Owners Into Data-Sharing

If you’re a Nintendo Switch owner, you should know that Nintendo has just sneakily opted you into data-sharing. Here’s how to turn it off:

Nobody likes having their data shared without their knowledge. Sadly, this is the world we’re living in, whether we’re in the know or not.

Now, players are discovering that their Nintendo Switch systems are sharing data through Google Analytics, thanks to a sneaky new change by Nintendo. Even those who previously chose to opt-out of sharing data may now be doing so once again.

Nintendo Switch Opt-In Sharing Data
(Source: Nintendo)

As of the recent Nintendo Switch 11.0 update, gamers are finding that data-sharing is automatically enabled.

This is making many fans very unhappy with the company, and ways to revert the change are making the rounds online.

What Is Data-Sharing on Nintendo Switch Doing?

For those confused by what exactly data-sharing means for Nintendo Switch owners, we can help. Effectively, the data going from your device to Google Analytics helps anonymously track how a site sees use.

In the case of your Nintendo Switch, it likely involves how long you’re spending on particular eShop pages, as one example. It’s not so much that you’re personally being tracked, but rather that Google is collecting data from all users to help improve Nintendo’s experience.

Nintendo eShop Data-Sharing
(Source: Nintendo)

This will help Nintendo try and figure out what areas of its service attract the most attention and tailor changes to its player base. It’s not uncommon to see similar data-sharing in other aspects of technology, but it’s certainly not something we’d like to be giving without permission.

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How to Opt Out of Data-Sharing on Nintendo Switch

To keep their data private on Nintendo Switch, users will have to delve into the settings menu once again. Follow these steps and your console will no longer contribute to Google Analytics:

  1. From the Home menu, open the Switch’s eShop
  2. Select your Profile in the top right corner
  3. Scroll through the options until you see Google Analytics Preferences near the bottom
  4. Change the setting to Don’t Share

Some users are reporting that this option doesn’t appear on their menu. If so, this could be because your region’s security laws don’t allow Nintendo to share data automatically.

Nintendo Characters
(Source: Nintendo)

However, in many parts of America, players will need to remove data-sharing from their Nintendo Switch manually. Don’t forget that the change appears to come with the recent Nintendo Switch major update 11.0.

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