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Nintendo Switch Online N64 Controller Sells at Insane Prices on eBay

Nintendo’s new N64 controller for its Nintendo Switch Online customers is selling at ludicrous prices on eBay already.

Recently, Nintendo announced the Expansion Pack for its Nintendo Online Service.

In particular, this service includes N64 games.

Additionally, some of these games include online multiplayer functionality.

To accompany these titles, Nintendo also made a wireless N64 controller.

Now, the Nintendo Switch Online N64 controller is sold out and has landed on eBay.

Nintendo Switch Online N64 controller console eBay
Source: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Online N64 Controller on eBay

In classic eBay fashion, the Nintendo Switch Online N64 controller is reaching insane prices on eBay.

This faithful recreation of the N64 controller added some deserved upgrades.

For instance, a rumble pack is no longer needed as it is included in the controller.

As well, it is now completely wireless.

In detail, this controller was sold exclusively to Nintendo Switch Online members.

Although, this did not stop resellers from taking a fair share of units.

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Namely, the N64 controller ran out of stock pretty quickly after it went live on the Nintendo Store.

Moreover, fans quickly pointed out the N64 controller had run out of stock that quickly because of resellers, as many units ended up on eBay.

These units are selling at more than double the intended retail price.

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Additionally, fans mentioned their disappointment towards the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack.

In detail, the pricing issue along with the N64 controller ending up on eBay made some gamers reach boiling point.

Consequently, some gamers are even considering getting their N64 controller on eBay.

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For those who could not get their N64 controller, there is still some hope.

Nintendo announced that additional controllers will be available in late October.

Also, Nintendo confirmed a purchase limit of four N64 controllers per account.

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Sunday 17th of October 2021

Also, a limit of 4 was a dumb idea. Should have been a limit of 2 with such limited stock.