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Nintendo Switch Online Improvements Could Be Coming in 2021

It appears as though Nintendo has big plans for their rather disappointing Nintendo Switch Online experience.

A source has confirmed that Nintendo is currently in the process of improving its online system. The new system replaces the older and outdated system currently in use for Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo wants to make some serious changes to Nintendo Switch Online, which has lagged behind other online services for a while.

Nintendo’s server system dates back to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS era and sadly it hasn’t been able to keep up with the current competition.

Furthermore, despite Nintendo’s focus on quality and consistency, its online service is widely considered to be a frustrating and mediocre experience.

Nintendo Switch Online Planned Improvements

It appears as though Nintendo is in the process of improving its online system. According to one source, Nintendo is seeking to replace its entire system with a new and updated one.

Unfortunately, despite the caliber of game that Nintendo produces, these titles are always hindered by a poor online experience. Nintendo’s penchant for single-player focus is clear in the state of its online service.

One Twitter user @OatmealDome explains that Nintendo is seeking to replace its outdated and unsuccessful online system. This is big news for Nintendo Switch fans who enjoy games with a strong multiplayer aspect.

@OatmealDome states that the current system, NEX, has been used in “most, if not all of their online games since 3DS/ Wii U”. Now Nintendo is replacing this with a new system called NPLN.

nintendo switch Online
Source: Nintendo

Furthermore, NPLN will replace tasks currently taken by the NEX system. This will mean that fans should notice a far better Nintendo Switch Online experience for their favorite online games.

It could be said that Nintendo wants to improve their online experience in preparation for the reveal of the Nintendo Switch Pro. Although Nintendo has confirmed that it won’t be announced soon.

Interestingly, @OatmealDome explains that NPLN is currently in a preview phase. Apparently, the recent Monster Hunter Rise demo helped to “test how it worked under load”.

Furthermore, if you managed to play the Monster Hunter Rise demo, you may be interested in the Special Edition Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Pro Rumors

Nintendo’s refusal to follow competitors does shape part of its personality. However, it does lead to some frustration with regards to its Nintendo Switch Online service.

There are currently very few Nintendo titles for fans to look forward to. It could be said that Nintendo is planning on improving its core services before any big announcements.

Interestingly, rumors regarding the Nintendo Switch Pro are currently circulating around the internet. There are plenty of reasons for Nintendo fans to get excited about it.

Whilst some have argued for why the Switch Pro would not work well, others are excited about the possibility of new and upgraded hardware to rival that of the latest next-gen consoles.

Nintendo Switch Pro : 2 Concept Featured Image
Nintendo Switch Pro Concept

Interestingly, there are rumors that suggest that the Nintendo Switch Pro display could be OLED and support 4K resolution. If this is true, the Switch Pro could be a powerful machine.

If Nintendo is currently upgrading their Nintendo Switch Online service, this could be paving the way towards the arrival of the Switch Pro. Perhaps Nintendo wants to avoid any roadblocks once they unveil the Switch Pro.

However, it is believed that Zelda BOTW 2 may be a Switch Pro launch title, just like Breath of the Wild was for the first generation Switch. Nintendo might simply be trying to stay competitive with their online service.

You can check out the tweet here for more information on the rumored Nintendo Switch Online improvements.

However, In the meantime, we will keep you updated regarding any news about the Nintendo Switch Pro. Likewise, we will also keep you updated with regards to new Nintendo titles.

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