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Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Pricing Infuriates Fans

Nintendo announced the Expansion Pack for its Nintendo Online service, but fans are less than impressed by its pricing.

Today, Nintendo announced the Expansion Pack that will complement its Switch Online service.

Currently, the Switch Online service includes NES and SNES games for gamers.

Now, the Expansion Pack adds Sega Genesis and N64 games to the mix.

Additionally, this new add-on grants free access to Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s first paid DLC, Happy Home Paradise.

Notably, this does not come free of charge, and fans are enraged with the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack pricing.

Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Pricing
Source: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Pricing Angers Fans

Let us paint the picture as to why fans are enraged by the possibility of getting N64 games on Switch.

At this moment, the Nintendo Switch Online individual membership is priced at $19.99.

Furthermore, the Expansion Pack offers only a yearly membership pricing at $49.99.

In detail, this yearly Expansion Pack membership includes all the benefits from Nintendo Switch Online.

Basically, the overall increase for the Expansion pack is $30 a year.

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All in all, it does not sound like a bad deal until you start picking up the costs of each individual feature.

Animal Crossing DLC On Switch Online Expansion Pack

The Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s Happy Home Paradise DLC is priced at $24.99.

Using this angle, the N64 and Sega Genesis games, which are the service’s main attractive, would be valued at roughly $5.

Mind you, there is no way to get the Expansion Pack without the Animal Crossing New Horizon’s DLC.

So, many fans that do not own or do not want Animal Crossing New Horizon’s DLC are disappointed.

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Based on current pricing, many fans believe they would need to pay $30 for content they either do not want or do not have the base software to enjoy.

In essence, many fans are upset because of the obligatory inclusion of this $24.99 DLC in the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack pricing.

This inclusion undermines the value of the Expansion Pack for many gamers.

And for others, it simply looks like a way to inflate its pricing.

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All of this makes sense from that perspective.

Others are simply happy to get the Animal Crossing DLC for free.

As well, gamers pointed out a family subscription is worth the price.

Certainly, the reception to include the Animal Crossing DLC on the Switch Online Expansion pack and its pricing has been overwhelmingly negative.

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