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Nintendo Switch OLED Sold In-Store at Target – October 8

It looks like Target is selling the brand-new Nintendo Switch OLED in stores on the October 8 launch day for the console.

The Nintendo Switch OLED has just been released. Despite this, very few expected to be able to get the console in-store on launch day.

The Switch OLED pre-orders sold out in minutes and there seemed very little hope for players to be able to get the console on launch if they missed out. However, then came the news that GameStop would have Switch OLEDs on launch day.

Now, it is even better news for Nintendo fans. Not only has GameStop got some OLEDs in-store, but gamers have claimed to have bought the Switch OLED in Target this morning too.

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Nintendo Switch OLED

Does Target Have Nintendo Switch OLED Consoles in Stock on Launch Day?

Nintendo fans loved the news that the Switch OLED would be in stores on launch day, but there was still some hesitancy. However, it looks like they’ll be wanting to get down to their local Target as soon as possible now.

So far, a few lucky gamers have managed to get their hands on a Switch OLED just by going to Target and asking for one.

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First, Twitter user @Sparrow866 managed to get an OLED with Metroid Dread from their local Massachusetts store at 7:26 AM.

Initially, restock expert Jake Randall thought this could be a one-off. However, a number of Nintendo fans have now shown their proof of purchase of a Switch OLED at Target.

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There have also been sales of Switch OLED consoles in Targets in Tulsa, Oklahoma as well as Manchester, Connecticut now. Therefore, any store could have them in stock today.

Plus, Randall has now stated that Target employees have confirmed they are selling Switch OLEDs.

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If you’re after a Switch OLED on launch day, then be sure to head down to Target. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your local store will have it in stock, but it is definitely the best chance you have!

Also, if you’re lucky enough to snag a Switch OLED at Target, you’ll still need to set it up. Find out how to transfer your save data to your new Switch OLED console.

Let’s hope the scalpers don’t see this though. Nintendo Switch OLEDs are already being sold for insane prices on eBay.

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