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Nintendo Switch OLED Restock: Walmart, Target, GameStop, Antonline & More Expected This Week – November 8-14

As we head into the holiday season, here’s where to find the next Nintendo Switch OLED restock between November 8-14!

If you’re still on the lookout for a Nintendo Switch OLED, so is every other Nintendo fan out there.

After all, the Animal Crossing DLC is finally out and there’s no better way to experience it than with the beautiful new OLED screen.

Unfortunately, given the fact that Nintendo Switch OLEDs are selling for insane money on eBay, they’re still not easy to get hold of. But we’ve got some new tips to help you secure upcoming drops at the following major retailers.

But be warned – a number of stores are saving up Nintendo Switch stock for Black Friday! With that in mind, we might not be seeing as many drops as we’d like online – but there are plenty in-store!

Don’t forget that these 3 retailers are selling the Nintendo Switch OLED in-store right now.

And now, here’s what we know about the Nintendo Switch OLED restock wave from November 8-14!

All Nintendo Switch OLED Restocks – November 8-14

Nintendo Store Switch OLED Restock

Nintendo Switch OLED

There was no official Nintendo Store Switch OLED restock last week, but we’re expecting another one to arrive this time around.

Unlike major brick-and-mortar stores, Nintendo is far less likely to save stock for the upcoming Black Friday rush. Get ready for the next drop at the official online store, using the tips in the guide below!

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Walmart Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

Nintendo Switch OLED Walmart Restock

Last week, Walmart went live with PS5 and Xbox Series X drops, but didn’t have the Nintendo Switch OLED.

However, the good news is that you can buy the Nintendo Switch OLED in-store at Walmart, so check your local retailer!

It’s definitely worthwhile nabbing a device in-store to avoid Walmart’s lengthy shipping times. What’s more, you may need to be a Walmart+ member to buy an OLED online!

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Target Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

Nintendo Switch OLED Target

Target is one of the best places for fans to purchase a Nintendo Switch OLED console, so long as they know how to do so. Don’t wait for the store’s next online drop if you can head into your local retailer instead!

After all, Target has Nintendo Switch OLED consoles in-store for purchase. However, if you can’t make it out, it’s not the end of the world.

In fact, Target appears to be teasing a Nintendo Switch OLED drop in new advertising. And that could mean we see another online drop before the week is up!

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GameStop Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

GameStop Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

GameStop is overdue a Nintendo Switch OLED restock but it might not be coming this week. We’ve been hearing new reports that GameStop is hoarding Switch OLED stock ahead of Black Friday.

Thankfully, there’s at least one confirmed way to buy a Nintendo Switch OLED at GameStop in the meantime.

If you’re buying a Nintendo Switch from GameStop’s website, expect to pay extra money for a bundle! But you may not need a PowerUp Rewards Pro membership to do so, at least.

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Antonline Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

Antonline Switch OLED restock

Antonline didn’t drop last week, but it was one of the only retailers to restock the week before. We’d say the online-only retailer has another OLED drop in store for us soon.

This store is a relatively easy purchase, provided you get there first. Make sure to put notifications on for the Antonline Twitter and you’ll make it to any drop in time.

However, bear in mind that Antonline sells the Switch OLED exclusively in bundles – which means you’ll be paying extra to secure the device.

Best Buy Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

Best Buy Switch OLED

Best Buy just went live with an OLED restock, but there was a catch. Only TotalTech members had access to the new console drop.

Seeing as Best Buy’s expensive membership costs almost as much as the Switch itself, it’s definitely not worth the investment!

Let’s hope that the retailer is simply offering some exclusive drops for members and regular restocks will continue as normal this week.

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Amazon Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

Nintendo Switch OLED

Last week, Amazon finally went live with a Nintendo Switch OELD restock. With that in mind, we don’t expect the online store to drop another wave this week.

However, when it comes to unpredictable retailers, Amazon is at the top of our list.

If the store does go live again today, we’ve got a guide to help you make the most of the new drop.

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That’s everything we know about the Nintendo Switch OLED restock wave from November 8-14 right now. We’ll be updating this article as we learn more, so be sure to check back soon!

We recently learned that Nintendo’s Switch production is millions of units below target this holiday season. It may be harder to come by an OLED than expected this Winter.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that you can play all these N64 games and Sega Genesis titles on Switch right now!

Finally, don’t forget to check out our list of the 10 most anticipated Nintendo Switch games coming in 2021 and beyond!

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