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Nintendo Switch OLED Restock: Walmart, Best Buy, Antonline, GameStop & More Expected This Week – October 11-17

If you’re looking for the new Nintendo Switch OLED, we’ve got eyes on a new restock wave between October 11-17.

Ever since the announcement of the Nintendo Switch OLED, we knew it’d be a console that’s hard to get your hands on. The OLED is in just as high demand right now as the PS5 and Xbox Series X, two consoles which are notoriously rare at this point in time.

Already, the Nintendo Switch OLED consoles are selling for insane money on eBay!

But is the Switch OLED worth your time and money? Check out our full Nintendo Switch vs Lite vs OLED comparison here!

Finally, an urgent warning is going out to Nintendo Switch OLED owners everywhere!

All Nintendo Switch OLED Restocks – October 11-17

Walmart Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

Nintendo Switch OLED Walmart Restock

Walmart is our best bet for a Nintendo Switch OLED restock, simply because of how the major retailer operates. The store had both pre-orders and launch day units available to buy.

The retailer has also been the only store to repeatedly have the Limited Edition Halo Xbox in stock, despite it being impossible to find elsewhere. With that in mind, we’re certain that OLED hunters will have luck at Walmart too.

That said, Walmart has a habit of selling consoles it doesn’t have yet. Buying from the retailer is often like adding yourself to a next-gen waiting list.

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Best Buy Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

Best Buy Nintendo Switch OLED

When it came to launch day, Best Buy was selling Nintendo Switch OLED consoles in-store! If you’ve got a local store, it might be worth checking inside to see if they’re fully sold out.

Reportedly, customer service was the place to go on launch day, though that might not ring true forever.

Best Buy is also trialing a new expensive membership system to give customers early access to upcoming drops. However, it’s a bit too pricey to splash out on just for a Nintendo Switch OLED.

What that does mean, however, is that Best Buy will likely have new restocks on the way for members only.

Antonline Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

Antonline Switch OLED restock

Antonline didn’t have the Nintendo Switch OLED on launch day, but that’s not to say that it won’t have it at all. In fact, the site is already confirming that it will have stock as early as this week.

We recommend putting notifications on for the site’s official Twitter page to get to the drop first as it’s always announced as it goes live.

Bear in mind, however, that Antonline usually sells consoles as part of a bundle. The Switch OLED will likely cost a little more here, but it’ll also be scalper-proof – for the most part.

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GameStop Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

GameStop Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

Although a GameStop representative confirms that there will be no Nintendo Switch OLED models available in-store, online restocks are likely on the way.

GameStop was one of the stores selling Switch OLEDs on launch day, and the retailer will likely be back before long.

When GameStop goes live, you can be sure that PowerUp Rewards Pro members will be getting early access to the drop. Paying for the company’s membership is a great way to nab new consoles without a fight – but you still have to show up on time when the drops go live.

We’ll update this page when the retailer announces an upcoming restock.

Nintendo Store Switch OLED Restock

Nintendo Switch OLED

One of the most likely candidates for a Nintendo Switch OLED restock is surely Nintendo itself. The My Nintendo store is currently out of stock on both OLED variants, but this might not be the case for long.

It’s worth noting that the Nintendo store will certainly be the most reliable retailer when it comes to actually getting your console without delay.

However, it’s entirely possible that the publisher will offload stock to other retailers before dropping its own.

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Target Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

Nintendo Switch OLED Target

Already, we’re seeing Nintendo Switch OLED consoles selling in-store at Target. With that in mind, perhaps we won’t have to wait for online restocks where this retailer is concerned.

Right now, Target doesn’t even offer nationwide drops for the Xbox Series X/S, instead selling consoles as they arrive. We recommend checking your local store regularly, in order to avoid disappointment.

Amazon Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

Nintendo Switch OLED

Although Amazon hasn’t been the most reliable restocker for next-gen consoles, we’re hoping it’ll be better with Nintendo’s hardware.

Amazon already went live with new Nintendo Switch OLED restocks on launch day, and more are likely following soon. As for whether or not it’ll be this week, we can’t be sure.

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That’s all we know about the Nintendo Switch OLED restock wave from October 11-17 for now. However, we’ll be updating this page with new information as it arrives, so check back regualrly!

Meanwhile, this Nintendo employee recommends not buying the Switch OLED unless you’re a fan of the screen.

Although many gamers are already calling the Switch OLED useless, it seems that it’s as popular as any Nintendo console right now.

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