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Nintendo Switch OLED Restock Update – GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart & More

The Nintendo Switch OLED launch is almost here and we have some restock updates for many retailers.

Just a few hours from now the Nintendo Switch OLED console will be officially available.

The demand for the console hasn’t budged down since the moment it was announced.

With many still interested to get one, demand has restocks flying off retail sites around the world.

Now that launch day is almost here, some retailers have affirmed their game plan for the upcoming Nintendo Switch OLED restocks.

Nintendo Switch OLED Restock in store online

Nintendo Switch OLED Restocks

Best Buy Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

We reached out to this retailer and it shared some information about its restock plans.

Its customer service representative informed us that the retailer is taking an online-only approach for this console launch.

According to the information we received, Best Buy is planning an online midnight restock event for the Nintendo Switch OLED.

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Nintendo Switch OLED Best Buy Restock in store online

In addition to this, Best Buy also confirmed a launch day in-store restock.

As always, it is advised that you reach out to your local store ahead of time and ask if it is participating in the restocks.

GameStop Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

We reached out to GameStop and got some information about both upcoming restocks.

According to the GameStop customer service representative, there aren’t going to be any in-store units of the Nintendo Switch OLED.

We learned that this is to avoid crowds due to the ongoing pandemic situation.

For this reason, in particular, the Nintendo Switch OLED console will be sold only online in the US for the time being.

Despite this, we now know that GameStop has launch day Switch OLED stock on sale.

Nintendo Switch OLED GameStop Restock in store online

There is some chance that some pre-orders might have been canceled at the very last moment.

So, we advise that you still give your local GameStop a call and verify if some stock from the pre-orders might still be available.

As well, if you are not in the US, it is still worth reaching out to verify if plans for in-store restock might be different in your country.

Target Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

Just as with all the other retailers, we reached out to Target. For in-store restock, the representative stated that this information would be provided on a store-by-store basis.

Now, it has been confirmed that Target is selling Switch OLED consoles in-store on launch day.

We also inquired about upcoming online restocks. However, we were informed that there are no set dates for restock.

Nintendo Switch OLED Target Restock in store online

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Although the representative didn’t outright state there are no restocks coming, there is no certain date for online restocks yet.

Amazon Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

Unfortunately, Amazon hasn’t restocked the Nintendo Switch OLED since the pre-orders began on July 16.

There is no set date for restocks. Although, it is certain that as they fulfill the pre-order backlog, more stock will be made available.

Taking into account that other retailers like Best Buy plan to have midnight online Nintendo Switch OLED restocks, it is likely that Amazon will receive more stock sooner rather than later.

Always keep an eye open and stay tuned with us for the latest news on restocks.

Walmart Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

Following Amazon’s footsteps, Walmart also hasn’t restocked the Nintendo Switch OLED since its pre-order went live.

But, the same logic as with Amazon’s possible restock applies here as well.

As Walmart covers its pre-orders, it is likely that more stock will soon become available.

For this one, we advise that you reach out to your local store just to check if some of the pre-ordered stock might still remain available due to last-minute cancellations.

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Saturday 9th of October 2021

There's only a small difference between the OLED and Original. Slightly bigger screen, a little more storage, and a kick stand. So if you cant get an OLED go for an Original.