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Some Switch OLED Pre-Orders Still Not Fulfilled Yet – GameStop, Best Buy & Others

The Nintendo Switch OLED has finally arrived but some gamers’ pre-orders have not been fulfilled yet.

The hype for the Nintendo Switch OLED is real.

Many gamers were lucky enough to pre-order a system.

Others have relied solely on online and in-store restocks.

Now that the console is finally making its debut, some gamers have been left waiting for their consoles.

Nintendo Switch OLED Pre-Orders Still Not Fulfilled

The demand for Nintendo’s latest console is still high and stock is still scarce.

This scarcity demonstrated even some retailers are having a hard time fulfilling Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders.

Gamers have shared their concerns about this on Reddit.

This GameStop customer states the order made with the retailer has no status information.

As well, other gamers jumped in the comments to share similar experiences.

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Furthermore, this is not a GameStop isolated case.

Other customers from Best Buy have also voiced their concerns on the upvote platform.

The situation with Best Buy is a bit different than what is occurring at GameStop though.

Specifically, the system on Best Buy is not populating an estimated date of delivery.

Even though it is past launch day, many gamers have still not received even an estimated delivery date from Best Buy.

Furthermore, this is an incident affecting several orders.

Moreover, other users expressed that their Best Buy Nintendo Switch OLED orders have not been fulfilled either.

Additionally, some Reddit users claimed they called Best Buy directly to find out what was causing this.

Also, according to them, Best Buy claims there is just not sufficient stock for all pre-orders.

This is particularly odd, given that Best Buy is actually selling the Nintendo Switch OLED in-store.

Additionally, other Best Buy customers state they were told something else by their local Best Buy.

Some stores apparently claim that units have not yet arrived at their locations.

Additionally, Walmart customers experienced a similar fate.

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Needless to say, many will still have to wait a few more days for their new console.

Hopefully, order cancelation is not going to happen in these cases.

We did however see this issue coming somewhat with many customers checking their shipping status, showing Switch OLED delivery dates delayed up to a week.

Let us know below if you’re still waiting for yours.

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Jeff Haran

Friday 22nd of October 2021

My GameStop order has been pushed out 4 times now

October 10th October 14th October 17th October 24th

....status went from 'preparing for shipment' yesterday to 'awaiting product availability' today

Looks like it's going to be pushed out a 5th time now....


Tuesday 12th of October 2021

So IMO this is what they get from not learning from previous mistakes of game device launches. The whole thing was handled quite badly considering how the preordering was a nightmare. I hope you all get your devices. I was unlucky and couldn’t find one on preorder. Next time they need to combat scalping very seriously as I can guarantee those are the ones with the actual hardware right now. I am praying Black Friday will help alleviate all of this. Good luck fellow gamers and don’t give in to scalping and upsellers.


Monday 11th of October 2021

I am in the same boat with Walmart. Placed my order on July 16th and when checking my order it still says placed and it hasn't moved since. It was supposed to arrive today, but upon calling Walmart it seemed like they didn't know where or when my order would be delivered. Very frustrating experience and then told me to call back tomorrow if I didn't receive it. Would be nice if they atleast told their customers the truth about what's going on. Already had my Xbox series X stolen by FedEx employees (luckily GameStop was able to replace it, thank God for outdoor cameras) and now I'm worried that my switch order may get cancelled or something.


Monday 11th of October 2021

Preordered from walmart on july 15th. Says Arriving today but they havent charged me. called walmart and they said they do not expect it to be delivered today (monday the 11th) and they would get back with me within 24 hours in an email to let me know why. Thjis is frustrating


Sunday 10th of October 2021

I got mine from Target, and had the same problem. It was supposed to be delivered on the 8th, then it became the 9th (shipped from a state a couple hours away from where I live) and now it's "pending". Target offered a refund and said it's never going to come, at this point. I hope whoever stole it got one with a bad Joy-Con drift problem.