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Nintendo Switch OLED Midnight Launch Details – GameStop, Best Buy & Others

Nintendo Switch OLED is launching at midnight, and we have some helpful information if you are on the lookout for this popular console. We also have details for those wanting to try a midnight pick-up.

The day is finally arriving. The newest refresh of the Nintendo Switch family is about to launch.

Unfortunately, many gamers are still looking for one due to the scarcity that has plagued its release.

There is still hope though, as some stores have provided updates in regards to their plans for launch day.

Nintendo Switch OLED Midnight Launch White

Can I Pick My Switch OLED up at Midnight?

Unfortunately, the answer in general to this question is not a positive one.

Most stores are not going to host any special midnight launch event for the Nintendo Switch OLED release.

We do have some insights about this situation that can be helpful for you to decide your strategy on getting a console on launch day.

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Best Buy

For Best Buy, the answer unfortunately is a no. The retailer is not going to host any in-store events for the Nintendo Switch OLED launch.

We reached out to Best Buy through its chat customer service.

There, a customer representative was kind enough to inform us that Best Buy will handle the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED only online and no midnight in-store event was planned.

Nintendo Switch OLED Midnight Launch Best Buy

Not all hope is abandoned for the retailer though, as you might still find some Nintendo Switch OLED units in-store.

As always, we advise that you reach out to your local store some time in advance to check on stock.

Once you get confirmation head to the store as fast as you can to avoid missing out on the restocks.


At this moment, GameStop hasn’t confirmed or denied the possibility of a midnight launch event.

We reached out to them and one of their representatives provided information on the matter.

GameStop’s representative stated that there is no direct confirmation that the stores will be handling Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders at midnight.

UPDATE: GameStop is selling Nintendo Switch OLEDs in-store on launch day.

Nintendo Switch OLED Midnight Launch GameStop

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Based on this, we encourage you to reach out to your local store and verify if they might be hosting a midnight release.

Other retailers

Some lucky gamers are already receiving their Nintendo Switch OLED consoles.

Although, most retailers have been very reserved about this console launch.

Being that it is a refresh and not a completely new console, things might be particularly different than when Nintendo Switch first launched.

As well, it is good to take into account that many areas are still having on-site restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic.

For all these reasons, it might be a good idea to reach your preferred retail store and find out what their local midnight release for Nintendo Switch OLED looks like.

As well, one last option is checking for Nintendo Switch OLED in-store restocks on launch day.

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