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Nintendo Switch OLED Consoles Selling for Insane Money on eBay

Nintendo Switch OLED scarcity has led to units reaching insane prices on eBay.

As usual, console scarcity leads to a common denominator, scalpers.

Even though Nintendo and most major retailers do what they can to avoid this practice, it seems to be a problem impossible to irradicate.

Nintendo Switch OLED launch has certainly been no exception to this issue.

Certainly, scalpers are making the big bucks with the newest refresh of the Nintendo Switch family on eBay.

Nintendo Switch OLED Insane eBay Prices

The Nintendo Switch OLED is being sold at crazy prices before it launches in a couple of days.

Some resellers are taking advantage of highly expected software releases, like Metroid Dread, as well.

Nintendo Switch OLED eBay Metroid Dread

In particular, bundles of Metroid Dread, its amiibos, and the Nintendo Switch OLED are showing up on eBay at very high prices.

Nintendo Switch OLED eBay Metroid Dread Amiibo

Other resellers are simply listing the console on its own.

Nintendo Switch OLED eBay White

Although, the current pricing for these listings is almost twice the retail price of $299.

Nintendo Switch OLED eBay White

Even the most recent Nintendo Switch OLED Buy It Now listings on eBay, prices are still around $185 above retail price.

Nintendo Switch OLED Neon

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How can I get a Nintendo Switch OLED?

Sadly, pre-orders for this new Nintendo console are long gone.

Certainly, eBay prices for the Nintendo Switch OLED are not for the faint of heart.

But, there is still some hope for you.

Some retailers are already informing customers of their Nintendo Switch OLED order estimated delivery date. At this point, cancellations can happen.

It is always a good idea to chime in with your local store and verify if they have a unit available so you can reserve it for launch day.

Nintendo Switch OLED model
Source: Nintendo

If this fails, you can try in-store restocks.

Currently, there’s been strong confirmation that some GameStops will have in-store stock of the Nintendo Switch OLED.

Have in mind that this is not confirmed for every store. Thus, it is recommended that you reach out to your local store before launch day.

As well, other retailers have confirmed in-store restocks for the Nintendo Switch OLED on launch day.

Stock might be low in-store, so we recommend calling to verify stock and getting there as soon as possible.

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Comments 2


Monday 8th of November 2021

MSRP for the OLED model is $349.99, not $299.


Tuesday 12th of October 2021

Since when is the OLED's normal retail $299?