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Nintendo Switch OLED Delivery Dates Delayed up to a Week for Some Retailers

The Nintendo Switch OLED model is launching in the next few days, but its release is already showing signs of delays from some retailers.

Nintendo’s next console upgrade might not be the 4K rendition of the Switch everyone expected.

Although, this hasn’t stopped the Nintendo Switch OLED model from becoming wildly popular.

The console is certainly high in demand.

In fact, the demand is so high that it literally disappeared in seconds from the virtual shelves of retailers around the globe.

Now, gamers are already receiving shipping dates for their Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders.

Sadly, some of them are not receiving the news they expected.

Nintendo Switch OLED orders delayed

Nintendo Switch OLED Delivery Dates Delayed

Delays are by far the last thing you want to see when you check on your delivery date estimates.

Unfortunately, some gamers are in fact getting their Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders delayed by up to a week.

Some Walmart customers reporting a delay of just a couple of days, which is reasonable.

In fact, this is in line with the delays most retailers expect for the Nintendo Switch OLED model launch.

On the other hand, this delay is a bit more extended for some Amazon UK customers.

Thus far, Amazon customers around the world haven’t reported major delays.

It seems these cases are isolated and depending on the region.

One of the worst delays we have encountered so far comes from directly from Best Buy Canada.

This Nintendo Switch OLED order exceeds the mark so far with a two-week total delay.

It doesn’t seem like this is a constant for Best Buy either. Nonetheless, 2 weeks is definitely not a good sign when it comes to available stock.

Since shipping timeframes are now being provided by retailers, it is a good idea to double-check your order’s status.

As well, if you still have not been able to get your Nintendo Switch OLED, an in-store restock has been confirmed.

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Friday 8th of October 2021 is also delayed till oct 22 in Houston, tx. I preordered the day preorders were launched. I even upgraded for 10$ to same day delivery oct 8. I get a e-mail at 3am oct 8 telling me back ordered till oct 22.


Sunday 10th of October 2021

@Jason, I preordered it from Target too, on July 15th, only for the date to be "pending" now, and the Target customer service told me yesterday I'm probably never going to receive it, and that there is no way for me to get another one from them because they don't reserve them for anybody. So, basically, they told me to try my luck next time it goes up in stock. All this after waiting for 3 months... It was supposed to be my birthday present, since it came out the day after my B-day, lol.