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Nintendo Switch OLED Consoles Delivered Early For Lucky Customers

The Nintendo Switch OLED officially launches in a few hours, but some lucky gamers got their new consoles delivered early.

The Nintendo Switch OLED has been yet another successful release for Nintendo.

Thus, pre-orders went out of stock as soon as every restock went live.

Now, some of the lucky gamers that pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch OLED are being surprised with an early delivery.

Nintendo Switch OLED Delivered Early

Quite frankly, just getting one of these consoles is a lucky feat on its own.

But, getting it early is surely a double-dip on the luck department.

Some gamers shared their luck with the folks on Reddit.

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For this particular user on Reddit, the retailer that helped make this come true was GameStop.

Other users are sharing their excitement of receiving their Nintendo Switch OLED early on Twitter instead.

This particular tweet gives a good comparison between the standard version of the Nintendo Switch and the OLED model.

This lucky gamer, in particular, got his order early from a local store in Austria.

The image might not be a full 4K image, but it is good enough to already identify the contrast and brightness difference between each model.

Certainly, the image quality was a welcomed addition for this Smash Bros. Ultimate player in particular.

As well, we noticed that there is a trend with these early Nintendo Switch OLED early deliveries. Most gamers went with the white model!

This is expected as the white model certainly deviates more from the original Neon Red & Blue classic style we’ve seen for years now.

It’s great to see that some users were lucky. Sadly, other gamers were not so lucky and got their Nintendo Switch OLED orders delayed.

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Nintendo Switch OLED In-Store Availability

For those of you who are still looking to get your console, there is still some hope.

The Nintendo Switch OLED has been confirmed to be in stock for some stores on launch day.

Additionally, GameStop is going to have some in-store stock on the release date as well.

Have in mind that stock in-store is likely to be very limited.

Our advice, as always, is to call your store first to confirm availability and get there as fast as you can.

Who knows, this might be a good excuse to go camping with your friends outside your local GameStop.

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