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Nintendo Switch Leak Reveals Huge Games Possibly Releasing This Year

A new Nintendo Switch leak has revealed some absolutely huge games that could be coming out in 2021.

New game leaks are always exciting, especially when they are claiming that some huge titles are coming out soon.

You’re in luck then! A reliable Nintendo leaker has revealed that we could be seeing some exciting unannounced Switch games releasing this year.

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Nintendo Switch 2021 Release Slate Leak?

2021 has already had some absolutely huge announcements from Nintendo. Splatoon 3 was officially announced back in February, meanwhile, there was also some huge Pokemon news.

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However, reliable Nintendo leaker Zippo has revealed a few more Nintendo Switch games that could come out in 2021. Bear in mind that none of this has been confirmed though.

New 2D Metroid

Firstly, Zippo claims that a new 2D Metroid game is in the works. He is “two hundred percent” confident that it exists and even says that developer Mercurysteam has finished making the game.

Zippo believes that Nintendo will officially announce the game at the upcoming E3 direct. Previous leaks have also suggested that Metroid news is coming soon, alongside a Mario Kart 9 reveal.

metroid leak

New 2D Donkey Kong

Another game for 2D platform fans to look forward to. There will apparently be a new Donkey Kong game coming in late 2021 as well to celebrate the primate’s 40th anniversary.

This game will apparently not be a continuation of the ‘Country’ series either. The Nintendo E3 Direct also seems to be likely announcement time for this game too, according to Zippo.

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Donkey Kong

Super Mario Party 2

Zippo’s leak also claims that we could see a sequel to Super Mario Party on Nintendo Switch this year. This wouldn’t be too much of a surprise as Super Mario Party was a huge success for the company.

Again, Zippo claims that the Nintendo E3 Direct would probably be the time this game would be announced.

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Super Mario Party

Fire Emblem

The final game Zippo is confident will release this year is a new Fire Emblem. With the disclaimer that they’re not a huge Fire Emblem fan, Zippo makes a couple of claims about this game.

Firstly that it will be developed by Intelligent Systems and, secondly, it will be a remake of the Super Famicom game, Genealogy of the Holy War, which was only released in Japan.

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Fire Emblem Switch

Rumored Upcoming Nintendo Games

In the post, Zippo also addressed a few rumored upcoming games. They expect there to be more games in the style of Tetris 99 and predict that we could get a Donkey Kong game of that variety.

Unfortunately, Zippo doesn’t know any details about the rumored upcoming Zelda games, a Mario Kart sequel, or the long-announced Detective Pikachu game that we’ve heard nothing about for 2 years now!

Are you excited for these games to possibly release on the Switch this year? Fingers crossed Zippo is correct with this leak.

Additionally, many Nintendo fans are hoping for news on a new Switch model this year. The Switch Pro will feature 4K and DLSS, according to a new leak.

It’ll need those fancy graphics to make the Switch Pro exclusive games look stunning!

Unfortunately, the new Switch model could be delayed or very limited because of a parts shortage.

(Source: Zippospeaks)

(Images: Nintendo)

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